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    Thread: Help me!

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      Help me!

      Ive been invited to someones 18th from work. I really want to go but its at a bar and im only 17. I could get a fake id but if i didnt get in then i would have to go home and probably get ********* by my parents for using a fake ID, but I dont often get the chance to go to parties, so what should I do?
      I can't say I really know anything about what you're talkinga bout , but I said plausible because of that incredibly cool blind spot trick .
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      Use your head, for god's sake
      it's an 18th birthday party
      It's damn obvious to any licenced premises that some of the people will be 18 already, but some of you will still be 17

      Unless it's a private function (in which case, 14 - I beleive - is the age limit, provided you have a parent / guardian present)

      holding an 18th at a licensed public house is plain crazy

      if it's being held in a private function room, then you might be alright - but don't quote me on that
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