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      Originally posted by Icedawg
      BTW, you'll need to change your avatar if you'll be staying here with us much longer. Thanks
      This will be my last post on dreamviews. So It won't need to be a short one.

      Firstly I know you've wanted to get rid of me for a while. Don't think I don't know what seeker and you guys have posted in the forum that members can't see, about me. Yeah Someone told me. Quite a bit of stuff too. Guess which moderator?

      It is not a good quality in my opinion. To talk behind peoples backs and such. And then act like a big injustice has been commited when someone reveals your true thoughts. But To be so sensitive to a simple symbol, to be offended by it? What kind of person cares about an avatar with a symbol? And bands a member for it. There are pictures of the devil and other demon like creatures in peoples avatar you know. I don't see you banning them.

      Do you respect peoples views and freedom to express themself? Obviously not.
      It's not like I'm doing any harm. it's a symbol, grow up.

      In addition. No-one has even had a problem with it on this forum that I know of. Except you and seeker. But it's not the symbol that is really the issue is it.. It's what kind of person you are. but it's also how much you want to eliminate me from the forum. And you know what, The symbol is not even evil, it's infact the most powerful symbol for freedom and truth in existence. And it has been slaughted by a guy that understood that. He placed the vanes going the other way. Instead of Symbolizing a struggle out of form into freedom. The vanes going clockwise representing going the wrong way, Therefore entraping one in the illusion. But I'm not going to let what he did to the symbol ruin what it stands for. Even if the rest of the world is now too blind to see it. But they won't be.

      Now before you mentioned this Seeker pmed me saying there was complaints. And to get rid of it. Yet who complained? I have not read one comment about it. He certainly wouldn't tell me who did. He couldn't get nina to manipulate me into leaving so I guess this was a good excuse.. No-one has pmed me about it. Perhaps he went crying to you about it, and you jumped at the opportunity.

      I guess it doesn't matter. I shouldn't be here anyway. I was only here for a small handful of people. But unfortunately fools have gathered around and overshadowed them.

      Since It's not even my forum. And I'm not in charge of it. And the person who is in charge has issues with this symbol and myself. I no longer feel a need to be here anymore anyway.

      Congradulations. You got rid of what you percieved a problem "relentlessly starting 'stuff'" (that you didn't understand) Causing you grief even. Now I'm gone so don't worry.

      Unfortunately because of this. Your forum is in a way, well, there is no easy way to say it. Pretty much cursed. Yeah it's true. But it's not my fault or doing that this is so. Why? Maybe some day you will find out. Or maybe you won't. I don't really care.

      As for what is written here will probally be deleted. And this will be called moderating. And hey it doesn't go according to the topic of my own thread, I know.
      But then again you brought this up here not me. And I suspect this is the main reason you posted. So why should I not make a full length post about it here? You are owner of the forum. So I will pay my respects by letting you know in the same thread you posted.

      Now that this message would get modified or deleted, means hardly no-one will even see the original message. Unless someone is lucky and great enough to find it first. Copy it. Then pm it to anyone who is wondering about my absence.

      But I know someone has to read it before it would get deleted or modified. And it's on their conscience that others would not get to see the original message. I think they would deserve to see it.

      I've leave it up to whoever, and leave you all with this thought.

      I tried to help you guys as much as I could while I was here. I'm sorry I can't do anything more for this forum ever. It turns out it is just an ordinary forum after all. With ordinary moderators. And an ordinary owner. No different from the countless other forums out there. I thought there was a chance maybe it could be. But the moderators and owner, despite their unique individuality and talents, lack the understanding and desire to learn.
      This is the reason it's never going to be anything other than generally a ordinary forum. Which will be unique in it's own way. But not that unique in wisdom.

      While I will be making my own forum and website. I will not support this one anymore. Or even visit here.

      Sorry to those that wanted me to stay.

      Though Some will be really glad I am leaving, some won't. Some don't even know who I am. Others don't care. But know it is the best decision I could make.

      I'm finished my rant. Bye guys.

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      Originally posted by Nirvana Starseed
      Don't think I don't know what seeker and you guys have posted in the forum that members can't see, about me. Yeah Someone told me. Quite a bit of stuff too. Guess which moderator?
      I guess Nirvana will not be reading this, however this is not the first time we have been forced to discuss his behavior.
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      Well Nirvana, I'm not sure why we're having this discussion again. You and I sat down and talked about this a long time ago and we basically decided this forum was not the right fit for you. I suggested right then and there that you leave and make your own forum and show me how things should be run, but you remained here anyway. You enjoy denouncing and disrespecting authority of any kind, and that was always your intention. I don't think either of us is surprised at this inevitable end.

      Furthermore, we know exactly why you chose the swastika for your avatar. It had nothing to do with its original religious connotations...you chose it for shock value. In fact, I'd be willing to bet you chose it to see what the administration would end up doing. Real mature man.

      Oh, and I've stated publicly before that we do discuss members in the Moderator and Dream Guide forums...of course we do. That's kind of why we have those forums in the first place. I guarantee that's no different than any other forum this size or bigger; it's absolutely necessary so the moderator team knows what's going on and knows who to look out for. You'll learn that if/when your forum reaches this size.

      Good luck with your new site.
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