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      screw canada
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      whats on your desk round 2

      as the song that i am listening to says "another turning point"

      so the turning point is that i am going to clean my desk and list what is on it so here goes and right now it is 6:21

      ok where to start from the top i guess

      bank with the following it it: 2 two dollar bills a US coin dollar with that one lady on it 2 canadian coin dollars with elizibeth 2 on them 2 US fifty cent peices bicentenial editions 3 wheat back US pennies on of which is a Zinc one from the war year 1943, 2 bicentenial Us quarters, a smashed pennie from iowa 80 truck stop, a pennie that has a copper coating on it (made it in chemistry last year) a pennie from 1988(the year i was born), a no cash value coin for some arcade, a coin with CIEN pesetas on one side and on the other juan carlos I de espana 1983, a coin with 5$ on one side and on the otherestados unidos mexicanos 2 canadian 10 cent pieces with an on one an older elizabeth II, a coin with twenty pence 1982 on one side and the otherelizabeth II d g reg f d . 5 nickels one regular 2 with lewis and clark boat thing 1 with peace pipe and hachet crossed and handshakes and the last one with a ocean in view o the joy
      a scorpion sticker that was on my wallet
      a odd wood box containing: some toy chest diagrams i made 2 beanie babies club cards a calculator screen (that liquid cristal thingy) a metal die cast of luke skywalker for a key chain, some DeMolay badges, a lego safe , another smashed pennie from iowa 80 truck stop, and a key that goes to my firework box
      evil duck
      a candle holder
      some calvin klien cologne
      a sacagawea gold dollar in case
      a lanyerd from the air force (i like free stuff)
      a pic of me grandparents
      jar of money with 10 quarters 22 dimes one of which is canadian 8 nickles and 34 pennies

      and i have to go eat be back soon by the way it is now 6:50

      back and im starting again it is now 7:23

      ok lets see um i have a picture of me and a girl from homecoming dance
      the two towers audiobook
      the return of the king audiobook unopened
      a small wooden bat that the end is hanging over the edge of one of my desk shelf from which one of my tasles is hanging
      3 combs
      a toy clapperthingy
      4 wrist bands
      a pocket knife
      my blue necklacethingy
      a giant kandy cane
      some 3d glasses
      old homework
      the hobbit book
      party nuts

      work is callling its 7:30

      back it is now 10:20

      i was at the party nuts so

      old paycheck envalopes
      a pen
      an old video card
      final fantasy 1 for nes
      dragon warrior for nes
      zelda for super nes
      a tea lite candle
      a button to one of my favorite shirts
      a lot of cds including 11 un labeled full cds and one hp printer cd
      ug time for bed and part of my desk looks a little cleaner well not cleaner but more organized its now 1050 ill finish this some time tomarrow i hope
      you can't do that on the internet!.... wait yes you can do it again!

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      Hey I remember the last one. Interesting topic.

      My desk (home):

      Top level:
      1. Cordless phone/station
      2. Blue paper cup
      3. Cell phone
      4. Broken end of guitar string
      5. Cleaning tissue
      6. Radio
      7. Lamp
      8. Webcam
      9. Foam pen holder with lots of pens, sissors, etc.
      10. Guitar tuner
      11. CD holder with backup CDs
      12. Economics book
      13. Papers

      4th level:
      1. CDs/cases
      2. Speakers
      3. Pens
      4. Floppies (Yes that's right, I still have floppies)
      5. A CD case and a DVD/CD holder with lots of backup discs
      6. A memory card filler from PDA
      7. Instruction manuals
      8. Sticky notes
      9. CD player
      10. 19 inch monitor

      3rd level:
      1. Cold medicine
      2. Photo printing paper
      3. Cozy
      4. Water bottle
      5. Holiday card from a friend
      6. Mouse
      7. Fujitsu Lifebook Laptop
      8. Wires

      2nd level:
      1. Standard keyboard for desktop with mouse pad
      2. Mouse for desktop with non-slide pad

      1st level:
      1. Wires/plugs
      2. Equipment for speakers
      3. Computer tower

      That's pretty much it. It's actually quite clean.

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      Top Shelf
      Unused Post-It notes
      Right front speaker
      Queens of the Stone Age - Over The Years and Through the Woods (Live DVD/CD)
      The Black Keys - Live (DVD)
      The White Stripes - Under The Blackpool Lights (Live DVD)

      17'' LCD monitor
      Sports Illustrated Switsuit Page-A-Day calendar
      2 business cards
      Lint brush
      Cup full of pens
      Voter registration card
      Wallet (contains a winning scratch lottery ticket)

      Side area
      iPod (20gb) w/ear bud headphones
      Copy of Rolling Stone Magazine (with The White Stripes on the cover)
      Loctite 495 instant adhesive
      Scotch tape
      Masking tape
      Stapler w/extra staple
      Half empty spindle of black CDs
      3-hole punch
      Thumb tacks
      Electric pencil sharpener
      Blistex lip balm
      TD Canada Trust folder full of bank crap

      Lower shelf
      Computer paper
      Lined paper
      Empty CD cases
      iPod accesories (speakers, iSkin, USB cable)
      Computer tower (Dell Dimension 2400)

      Built-in CD Rack <--- reserved for my favorites
      All 5 White Stripes albums (The White Stripes, De Stijl, White Blood Cells, Elephant, Get Behind Me Satan)
      2 Black Keys albums (thickfreakness, Rubber Factory)
      Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
      System of a Down - Mezmerize
      Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
      2 Queens of the Stone Age albums (Songs For The Deaf, Lullabies To Paralyze)
      Shout Out Louds - Howl Howl Gaff Gaff
      Spoon - Gimme Fiction
      !!! - Louden Up Now
      "This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time."

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      Im from Earth so stop asking.
      DJ Entries
      Computer area:

      Portable dvd player
      Dental floss
      Hand sanatizer
      Water bottle Epmty 2 of em
      Frog Calander
      See's Lolipop candy wrapper choclate
      3 water bottles caps
      Rubber platypus
      Those little maginet things

      There whould be more but I cleaned off my desk.

      "There are two types of people in this world, people who think there are two types of people, and people who don't."


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