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      what is it good for?

      i mean really
      do you agree with whatsagoin
      or does it disgust you and make you lose faithy in mankind


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      I believe there is justification for the concept of war, at times. I don't, however, necessarily agree with the war in Iraq or, I should say, the philosophy behind the war in Iraq.
      I just don't think this "war on terror" is a realistic ideology. To me, it's like another country coming in and saying they are going to destroy a religion with military force. A religion such as Islam (even the Islamic extreme) is a self-sustaining system. It's not just some sporadic philosophy that you can go in and destroy the few head locations of and that's that. People are born into it every day. Recruiting starts at childhood.
      I don't know the true scope of how many Jihadists there are in the world, but I think that the decision to just "go in and eradicate them all with military force" is a lot more consequential than many people are realizing or acknowledging.
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      well with war i belive every war was the falt of a woman for being to hot so this one king was like she will be mine o yes she will be mine and went out to get her with war so that is one way.... except this one time were the girl wanted the boy so she went to war i think she was called joan of ark

      with out war nothing would get decided people are just to stuborn so its the super decider ...

      what i belive is we should just sit our leaders down in front of a online game like starcraft to have a war.... but the us will loose cus we got bush.............but then again we will win cus we have BUSH he will just mistake his launch all nukes buttton for the enter button and that wil be that
      you can't do that on the internet!.... wait yes you can do it again!

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      "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

      it'd be too simple to say that i am against ALL military action...for instance, would it be (have been) "right" to send sufficient peacekeeping troops to places like rwanda or darfur when this could likely save lives and breed less violence on the whole?

      who is to say...

      too bad the UN doesn't operate the way it was envisioned...

      from what i know, i am against the war in afghanistan and iraq.

      and definitely the fact that billions of dollars are spent by governments on weapons each year (many for "defense") disgusts me...it is the main reason i cannot support nationstates in good conscience.

      make love, not war.....

      every soldier was once a helpless infant...all who kill in the name of an ideal were taught that ideal...and the only way to change ideals is to talk as one child to another.

      naive? perhaps...but thousands of years of war have done nothing but create a stockpile of weapons unprecedented both in number and the ability to kill.

      trust must begin somewhere...

      “If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” (or better yet: three...)
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      Typically the way that Civilizations arise out of interregnum states of Barbarism is through the consolidations of War. Alliances create broader areas of political jurisdiction while those who are defeated are also drawn into the imperial consolidation. What one hopes for is that their will eventually be no one left on the outside to fight what should become a Civilized Single Monolith of Power.

      When there is one single Political Jurisdiction, then there is Peace.

      Ofcourse, it doesn't always require War. In the History of China and the History of the Roman Empires we had instances of once seperate or hostile states applying for membership into the Civilized Monolith. Indeed, we can see the same thing today as Eastern European Nations now beg to be accepted into the European Union, and Countries like Britain and Australia pay homage to American Hegamony and bow before that idiot G. Buch as though he is their acknowledged Emperor.

      One should not take one's eye off of China, though. Seeing that America is forever alienating its Southern Neighbors with its heavy handed political and trade demands, China is forging Trade Pact after Trade Pact with nations we would at first never suspect of eventually joining into a Greater Cross-Hemaspheric Chinese Civilization.

      It will be interesting to see in which direction Europe and Russia finally decide to go. They may want to support America because they see it as a Fellow Western Power, but, then again, American Politics, and their Private Markets are too difficult to predict (did not America once lead the World into a Great Depression? And now, because of a slight to the Bush Family Honor, the entire Middle East has been de-stablized. American Policy is too insanely unpredictable). Europe and Russia may well decide that the Monolithic Chinese Bureaucratic Meritocracy is far more enlightened and predictable then any erratic and self-interested American bid for World Leadership.

      But hopefully it will not come to War. But again, one needs fear the Americans. Kissinger of the last Generation of State Department Thinkers believed in War as the ultimate arbiter of World Power. Kissinger, for all of his intelligence as a Diplomat, when pushed to theory, could think of no other way besides War for finally consolidating political jurisdictions. And of the new Generation of Neo-Conservatives... well, they are not in the least bit subtle abour what they think. Unalateral War upon any pretext.

      America should need to be reminded that the NAZIs were not the Good Guys.


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