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      OMG, this guy is one heck of a crack pot.

      He is in a chat room preaching this twice a week 5 hours a day. This guy is freakin nuts. Everyone else agrees with him too. I just want to tell them they are all freaking retarded or something. He thinks aliens are demons... yeah....


      And here is stuff from the chat:

      Paltalk: This is a G rated voice group intended for a General Audience including minors. Offensive language is not permitted. To speak, hold the ctrl key down.
      Welcome Msg: Welcome to information about a soon to come Great Deception. Deception so strong that Jesus said in Matt 24 that it could fool the elect if possible. Find out what this deception is.
      midwestalx: hello Erin
      sassy_and_sweet_1: hello alf..........hi ada
      ptlis: Those UFOs in Mexico was pictures of lights...could have been heat lightning balls
      slygold: true
      red_rhombus: Erin, i think you ought to research Humanism, and tell me, whats more a threat. Aliens or humanism.
      Crucible: wait, there are aliens?
      ptlis: ok...How do you know that I am not an alien now
      red_rhombus: I dont think ANY CHRISTIANS need worry about prophecy of alien worship.
      Crucible: i am not saying ther eare not demons, but how do you know there are aliens?
      Ada Augusta: where are these aliens?
      Alf500: <= here's one
      Ada Augusta: alf well are you a clone or what
      Crucible: no
      red_rhombus: I think we need to focus on the threats that are immediate.
      Crucible: just joined
      slygold: I know you are not an alien my friend. You would not be allowed to be here.
      Ada Augusta: maybe he is a clone of an alien
      Mr Mrs Luv2Garden: also the whole book of revelation tells of the tribulation
      ErinSaved: okay welcome
      Ada Augusta: maybe this is the job they sent him out on
      Crucible: but i have seen no signs of aliens
      Alf500: Ada, that's the only way to make an alien
      Mr Mrs Luv2Garden: the first horseman of the appolypse is the antichrist (satan)
      sassy_and_sweet_1: yes alf.......you are a clone..........explain to us masses what your agenda is
      Mr Mrs Luv2Garden: all 4 r satan but in different forms
      ptlis: I am not going to worry about aliens
      Ada Augusta: alf, well i can't get the math
      Alf500: sassy, I will soon
      PrayingNana2004: If they don't show up no problem. If they do we have been warned
      the_lovelorn_wraith: what does the first horseman do?
      red_rhombus: Demons are out there. Your fooling yourself if you think they are not. HOWEVER. In the last days, no man will cause any other man to worship aliens, it will be the ANTI CHRIST
      jake_411: alf..leave the cat alone
      Alf500: jake, yum, too late
      ptlis: I am not worried about it
      the_lovelorn_wraith: [email protected], that show was cute
      jake_411: alf!!!!!!!!!!! bad alien
      Alf500: burp, happy alien
      ErinSaved: True sly
      sassy_and_sweet_1: why not now alf.............now is the time for enlightenment
      Paltalk: =======================================
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      Crucible: how do you know they are not just evil aliens? and not demons, lol
      jake_411: lol alf
      Ada Augusta: alfs picture says it all
      ptlis: I really think you may have gone too far
      Crucible: what is an anti christ?
      Mr Mrs Luv2Garden: Daniel 9:24-27 tells of the endtimes also the antichrist
      Crucible: he will have some sort of power?
      Ada Augusta: is that an alien?
      midwestalx: I have a serious question ---- will these aliens be flesh and blood like humans or something else?
      Alf500: oh oh, incoming message
      Ada Augusta: midwest, they will be clones
      Thomasina7: Night, sly and room
      Thomasina7: GB
      the_lovelorn_wraith: goodnight thomasina
      Alf500: Ada, yes, the only way to manufacture clones
      Angel_with_Tude: nite thomasina
      slygold: The "Anti-christ" is a human CLONE possessed by Lucifer.
      midwestalx: human clones?
      Alf500: oops, aliens
      Ada Augusta: the demons are pretending to be the aliens
      Thomasina7: NIght, lovelorn - good day tomorrow
      Mr Mrs Luv2Garden: lovelorn did u get the scrips i posted??
      jake_411: bad bad alf (in pic)..imposter..thats not our cute cuddling cat eating alf..lol
      the_lovelorn_wraith: no
      the_lovelorn_wraith: I got a couple hold on
      Alf500: jake, I've matured
      Crucible: maybe the aliens are really pretending to be demons, lol
      the_lovelorn_wraith: I was staring
      Crucible: 1
      the_lovelorn_wraith: sorry
      slygold: 1
      jake_411: lol alf
      Angel_with_Tude: 1
      ptlis: my favourite TV series
      Mr Mrs Luv2Garden: u want me to pm them to u??
      Ada Augusta: next generation is no good
      the_lovelorn_wraith: yes, please
      Crucible: yeah
      Crucible: i have
      Ada Augusta: too much talk, not enough action
      the_lovelorn_wraith: I would like that
      Mr Mrs Luv2Garden: ok
      PopupVersesDotCom: certainly
      ptlis: I see you like Star Trek too
      Crucible: well, hey, if they give us those items how is that evil?
      Ada Augusta: also whats the deal with the mind reader? she serves no useful purpose
      slygold: amen!
      Ada Augusta: why doesn't she have to wear a regular uniform? how come she is wandering around wearing these low cut outfits
      ptlis: NASA is exploring Anti-Matter
      Ada Augusta: also, don't those guys have a union??? they have a mindreader on board???
      Crucible: if he seems good
      Crucible: anyone would
      Crucible: i even would if i thought he was a good person
      slygold: amen
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      Paltalk: NOW PLAYING on Paltalk Radio: "The Tovia Singer Show" is broadcast live from Paltalk on Israel National Radio. It features evocative guests on topics ranging from US politics and the Middle East to Religion, while focusing on truth and balance in the media.
      PopupVersesDotCom: Hmm, where did you get the idea that the Beast will introduce replicator like technology?
      Ada Augusta: what about if you are an alien?
      Alf500: ptlis, only problem is that it keeps disappearing
      ErinSaved: yup
      ErinSaved: Yes
      ptlis: This is just things I have heard...but really...for a science fiction...this technology makes sence
      Starlightsbright: IT'S A GREAT ROOM....GOLD....BUT MY BEDTIME
      Starlightsbright: BYE FOR NOW
      ErinSaved: And if human holography is so advanced, think of what angelic beings can do with it.
      ptlis: I love my holodeck
      Ada Augusta: erin, why would angels need technology?
      Alf500: my house is a hologram
      Crucible: what exactly is a fallen angel? do angels have freewill like humans?
      Alf500: they are aliens
      thelarsons: sort of cruc
      ErinSaved: Ada: Technology means tools. They are finite, limited, while formidable and knowledgeable, created beings, and they can manipulate basic natural forces that God has created, like we do but to a larger extent.
      Crucible: i like watching stuff about aliens
      Alf500: Crucible, fallen angels are aliens who have have trouble with their space craft
      Crucible: sci fi shows
      ErinSaved: Crucible: An angel who rebelled against God and followed Lucifer, Satan, in rebellion.
      Ada Augusta: erin, then whats make them angelic?
      ErinSaved: And was kicked out of heaven
      thelarsons: [email protected]
      ErinSaved: ADa; No. They are spirit beings
      ptlis: what about Close Incounters of the Third Kind?
      jake_411: crucible i believe so, they fell from wrong choice
      Ada Augusta: erin, if they are spirit beings what do they need material things for?
      seeker_of_knowledge: cloud holograms sly
      ErinSaved: ptlis: Close Encounters was Pro alien propaganda put forth by Steven Spielberg
      thelarsons: they need to feel what we feel
      Crucible: that is true
      midwestalx: I have a question -- how would an alien react to someone saying to them " I know who you really are -- you are a fallen angel"
      ErinSaved: Ada: They can manipulate physical things
      ErinSaved: Yep sly
      thelarsons: thats why they also posses ppl
      midwestalx: beat me to my question
      thelarsons: so they can feel what we feel
      Ada Augusta: erin, why would they want to do that?
      Alf500: Erin, I can manipulate physical things
      thelarsons: ada i jusy answered u
      ErinSaved: to deceive people, Ada
      thelarsons: just*
      Ada Augusta: midwest, i think they are called "undocumented workers" now
      ErinSaved: Yup sy
      ErinSaved: sly
      jake_411: alf..thats gas
      thelarsons: demons also posses ppl to feel what we feel, when they posses a person they are connected to our nervous system
      Alf500: jake, well, that manipulates people
      jake_411: lol alf..true
      thelarsons: i have 2 kids we dont have tv
      Crucible: Erin, why can't it be possible to have "good" aliens?
      midwestalx: undocumented workers -- I have known one of them
      Crucible: not these fallen angels you speak of, but actual aliens
      thelarsons: i dont let them watch anything to do with ghost, spirits, aliens, magic etc.
      ptlis: Star Brothers?
      Crucible: the bible says nothing about aliens
      slygold: amen
      ptlis: call me P T
      thelarsons: because fallen angels operate in the second heaven
      slygold: ascended masters
      Alf500: <= not Muslim, not on Melmak
      ptlis: Jesus Is God!
      thelarsons: satan is the prince of the air
      the_lovelorn_wraith: Jesus is God
      thelarsons: according to the word
      thelarsons: yes jesus is god
      Alf500: loves Raelians
      Ada Augusta: they need to get a new tailor
      Ada Augusta: whats with the padded shoulders
      midwestalx: never heard of raelians
      PopupVersesDotCom: what is the order of events Sly. Pole shift, america's fall, aliens, then persecution?
      Ada Augusta: i could do a better job than that
      Alf500: they like to party
      michaelis39: can i ask something ???
      Crucible: if aliens were here they would tell us the bible is not real, they would not say certain parts meant this or that
      thelarsons: there is no trinty
      thelarsons: only one god
      the_lovelorn_wraith: raelians were in need of prozac
      Ada Augusta: alf i was thinking of ripping off that style for my Bride of Frankenstein outfit for halloween
      thelarsons: the word trinity does not appear in the bible
      Alf500: Ada, that would work
      thelarsons: the lord our god is one
      thelarsons: not 3
      Ada Augusta: alf the beehive hairdo is problematic
      thelarsons: no it doesnt say three persons in the bible either
      ptlis: ONE GOD
      jake_411: larsons..you are not christian? sorry to hear that
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      sassy_and_sweet_1: buy a wig Ada
      thelarsons: 3 mainfestations but not 3 persons
      Ada Augusta: sassy, i might go that route
      Crucible: jake, i am not a christian
      Crucible: or of any religion
      thelarsons: yes i am i belive jesus is god
      Alf500: Ada, that would be great
      jake_411: crucible..why not?
      thelarsons: the bible only speaks of one god
      Alf500: Ada, put fireflies in it
      michaelis39: allright guess not
      Ada Augusta: my friend went as Carman and had this big hat full of fruit
      Ada Augusta: she said it was really heavy
      sassy_and_sweet_1: you should........they are cheap
      Crucible: if i told you, you would not understand and would only reply with words of the bible
      ErinSaved: Amen sly
      PopupVersesDotCom: sly are the aliens coming spoken about in Rev 8 with the opening of the bottomless pit?
      thelarsons: well actually sly he said to put it on our forheads, our door post and our fingers
      Alf500: Ada, she could have eaten part of it
      ptlis: Jesus himself asked the Disiples who he was...it is important to Him
      THE_ROCKZ_GUiTARiST1: amen
      thelarsons: well actually sly he said to put it on our forheads, our door post and our fingers
      sassy_and_sweet_1: what's the topic in here now?
      Ada Augusta: sassy we don't know if there will be a party because the guy that puts it on either is dying of cancer or has something else wrong with him
      Ada Augusta: we are waiting to see
      seeker_of_knowledge: when joseph wrestled with a angel; he must had been a fallen angel because as u say fallen angels reveal themselves to man angels of the lord do not show themselves?
      PopupVersesDotCom: Rev 9:3-4 -- 3 Then out of the smoke came forth locusts on the eretz, and power was given to them, as the scorpions of the eretz have power 4 They were told that they should not hurt the grass of the eretz, neither any green thing, neither any tree, but only those people who don’t have God’s seal on their foreheads
      Alf500: Ada, how nice
      Alf500: Ada, you need an alternate plan
      sassy_and_sweet_1: i was fighting with the phonelines
      ptlis: Did these aliens make the pyramids?
      Ada Augusta: alf, good idea
      PopupVersesDotCom: Joseph
      thelarsons: seek the angel jacob wresteled with was a theopany of god
      thelarsons: do u know what a theopany is???
      ErinSaved: lis: The aliens did not make the pyramids. The aliens however were in communication with the ancient societies, deceiving them etc.
      ErinSaved: Yup slygold.
      PopupVersesDotCom: Sly, are these the aliens: Rev 3:4 -- 4 Nevertheless you have a few names in Sardis that did not defile their garments. They will walk with me in white, for they are worthy.
      ptlis: according to scientists...they cannot prove humans made them...the wheel was not invented at that time
      PopupVersesDotCom: oops REV 9:3 -- 3 Then out of the smoke came forth locusts on the eretz, and power was given to them, as the scorpions of the eretz have power
      Alf500: ty Ada
      ptlis: they had primative tools as well
      Ada Augusta: yw
      seeker_of_knowledge: explain
      sassy_and_sweet_1: wb alf
      ErinSaved: ptlis: The ability is an ability that humans are not yet allowed to have as a main thing anymore but will again, by God's decree.
      PopupVersesDotCom: right,thought so
      Alf500: sassy, ty
      PopupVersesDotCom: those are fallen angels
      the_lovelorn_wraith: I know how the pyramids were made
      Ada Augusta: what planet are these aliens from?
      the_lovelorn_wraith: but nobody will hear me
      michaelis39: cani ask a ??
      the_lovelorn_wraith: I am good with puzzles
      the_lovelorn_wraith: want to know?
      thelarsons: do u guys know what theophanies are???
      PopupVersesDotCom: And what will the purpose of the aliens be that they hurt people like Rev 9 says
      the_lovelorn_wraith: IT WAS SIMPLE
      sassy_and_sweet_1: no thelarsons.........do explain for me please
      PopupVersesDotCom: Rev 9:5 -- 5 They were given power not to kill them, but to torment them for five months. Their torment was like the torment of a scorpion, when it strikes a person
      the_lovelorn_wraith: SO SIMPLE EVERYONE HAS MISSED IT
      Ada Augusta: what makes them an alien then?
      PopupVersesDotCom: and what is the 5 months?
      ptlis: how simple?
      FaithHopeLove: no
      seeker_of_knowledge: what is it larson?
      FaithHopeLove: mic on when came in room sorry
      the_lovelorn_wraith: THEY KEPT DOING THIS
      the_lovelorn_wraith: THEN THEY DUG IT UP
      midwestalx: people are going to ask where they came from -- what would they say if they didn't have a planet
      the_lovelorn_wraith: THINK OF THIS
      the_lovelorn_wraith: IT WAS CHILDS PLAY
      THE_ROCKZ_GUiTARiST1: will this also be cross ref in ezek. about aliens sir, am i on the right track ?
      the_lovelorn_wraith: SO EASY
      the_lovelorn_wraith: no aliens did it
      the_lovelorn_wraith: no demons
      Ada Augusta: what makes them an alien?
      Ada Augusta: oh oh
      PopupVersesDotCom: How can it be before the rapture if this is the 5th trumpet and the rapture is at the 7th trumpet?
      the_lovelorn_wraith: just some determined men
      ErinSaved: What was that slygold?
      the_lovelorn_wraith: made the pyramids
      Ada Augusta: the aliens have landed
      jake_411: lovelorn..kool thought..how did you come up with that
      sassy_and_sweet_1: did someone just scream?
      Crucible: maybe the aliens got him?
      seeker_of_knowledge: that got him
      Ada Augusta: yes sassy
      Mr Mrs Luv2Garden: that's right lovelorn
      the_lovelorn_wraith: I played in sandboxes when I was a child
      THE_ROCKZ_GUiTARiST1: must of been the tv
      slygold: one of my kids acting silly. lol
      Alf500: sassy, yes, an alien got someone
      jake_411: lol lovelorn
      michaelis39: ok nevermind all go
      the_lovelorn_wraith: I actually wrote somebody on this
      the_lovelorn_wraith: have not heard back yet
      PopupVersesDotCom: Coral Castle?
      Ada Augusta: erin, are you even out of school?
      PopupVersesDotCom: natch
      Mr Mrs Luv2Garden: lovelorn i pm'ed ya a message there
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      sassy_and_sweet_1: geez alf........i thought they were supposed to go up in a light of rapture
      Paltalk: NOW PLAYING on Paltalk Radio: "The Tovia Singer Show" is broadcast live from Paltalk on Israel National Radio. It features evocative guests on topics ranging from US politics and the Middle East to Religion, while focusing on truth and balance in the media.
      jake_411: intweresting thought lovelorn
      Alf500: sassy, this is before that
      THE_ROCKZ_GUiTARiST1: brb
      the_lovelorn_wraith: By everyone
      the_lovelorn_wraith: take care
      Alf500: what about wulers of the world?
      midwestalx: will the aliens show up by the hundreds or just one or two?
      slygold: Fallen Angels have disguised themselves as Aliens.........
      the_lovelorn_wraith: and God bless you all
      Ada Augusta: haha alf
      PopupVersesDotCom: yeah what force
      the_lovelorn_wraith: you mention it to a scientist they will not beleive you, they would rather be perplexed
      slygold: They will show up first at the announcement with a few of them.
      Alf500: centripital force
      Alf500: ether
      PopupVersesDotCom: ether
      the_lovelorn_wraith: Bye everyone, and God bless you
      seeker_of_knowledge: alien could be our lawmakers
      Alf500: my old electronic instructor called it that too
      jake_411: God bless lovelorn
      Ada Augusta: erin the michelson morely experiment disproved that
      Ada Augusta: oh joy
      Mr Mrs Luv2Garden: sly this is during the tribulation and they aren't aliens,,they r demaons yes but they r followers of antichrist(satan)
      slygold: There will be an announcement soon by public officials announcing these Aliens
      Mr Mrs Luv2Garden: no sly there won't
      Ada Augusta: slygold, which public officials?
      Alf500: Ada, I am running my house off zero point energy
      Ada Augusta: alf thats pretty good
      slygold: They will not only announce aliens but they will also show you the aliens and the spacecraft they fly.
      Ada Augusta: slygold, is it the local precinct officials or what
      PopupVersesDotCom: for their ufos
      Mr Mrs Luv2Garden: this is just like that guy who said Jesus and mary appeared to their church and said there would be a great devistation and then after that 3 days of darkness,,it's blasphmey
      Alf500: like I do in my car
      slygold: Mr Mrs Luv this is before the rapture.
      Mr Mrs Luv2Garden: no
      jake_411: blasphemy?
      Alf500: I drive an USV
      seeker_of_knowledge: people not going to take it serious sly at first!
      Ada Augusta: erin it might be time for you to get yourself back to school
      Ada Augusta: shape up, get a decent job
      PopupVersesDotCom: russia and china vs. the beast. kings from the east
      Mr Mrs Luv2Garden: the end is near i can feel it,,all the false prophets going around doing the devil's work
      Alf500: it's a new alien pet
      Mr Mrs Luv2Garden: goodnite all
      Ada Augusta: erin it was just a suggestion
      Ada Augusta: im trying to help
      PopupVersesDotCom: Rev 9:7 -- 7 The shapes of the locusts were like horses prepared for war. On their heads were something like golden crowns, and their faces were like people’s faces
      slygold: Only been informed through the leading of the Spirit that the announcement will be made by PUBLIC OFFICIALS. Not told which ones.
      Alf500: zero point energy
      Alf500: that guy
      slygold: Fallen angels have disguised themselves as Aliens.
      jake_411: alf..you be a smart bug...lol
      ErinSaved: Yup
      midwestalx: Will these aliens look like humans?
      Alf500: jake, a cat a day keeps one smart
      PopupVersesDotCom: midwest they look like Rev 9
      Ada Augusta: midwest they are clones
      jake_411: an ugly bug but a smart one
      midwestalx: clones of humans?
      PopupVersesDotCom: Rev 9:3 -- 3 Then out of the smoke came forth locusts on the eretz, and power was given to them, as the scorpions of the eretz have power
      Ada Augusta: midwest, clones of aliens
      ErinSaved: Ada: www.quantumfields.com is a good place to look at the zeropoint energy stuff and ways to engineer with it. Anyone else may look too.
      ErinSaved: Yup, sly
      sassy_and_sweet_1: ada...........here in Canada........most of us are clones of some sort
      jake_411: alf..that will do it..has something to do with the nine lives
      Ada Augusta: hmmm sassy, i see
      sassy_and_sweet_1: true
      Alf500: jake, yes, you can make one cat last for nine days
      ErinSaved: Yup s;u
      ErinSaved: sly
      PopupVersesDotCom: assist us from the colalpse of america and the famine and devastatin from Planet X/Wormwood right?
      jake_411: lol alf
      Ada Augusta: popup, yes, the clones. they are going to send in the clones
      Alf500: jake, you need a really good freezer and a large hammer
      sassy_and_sweet_1: alf.......my cat has lasted for over 12 years now.........what is wrong with him?
      midwestalx: so the aliens will say there is no God?
      jake_411: ewww alf
      Alf500: sassy, I didn't get to him
      PopupVersesDotCom: no, they will say the Beast is God. Prince Charles perhaps
      slygold: No they will not say there is no God. They know that would be stupid
      jake_411: sassy..alf eats cats
      Alf500: yum
      Ada Augusta: popup, well his ears stick out
      slygold: They will say that Jesus is Not the SON OF GOD.
      sassy_and_sweet_1: good thing alf is ignoring my little furball
      ErinSaved: True sly
      PopupVersesDotCom: and make the statue/idol in the temple to Speak
      ptlis: Yes the Fallen Angels are stupid
      Alf500: sassy, I wouldn't if you lived closer
      ErinSaved: Yup sly
      ptlis: They followed a Liar
      PopupVersesDotCom: the statue of prince charlse perhaps: http://www.armageddonbooks.com/cupoftea.html
      Crucible: how does not believing in jesus make someones life worse?
      PopupVersesDotCom: because jesus says "I'm the only way" they will have ecumenicism
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      ErinSaved: Crucible: For He is our Savior, we need HIM
      Ada Augusta: well, gotta go
      Ada Augusta: bye all
      Alf500: night Ada
      ErinSaved: Bye Ada
      PopupVersesDotCom: bye
      PopupVersesDotCom: bye
      jake_411: crucible...makes it temporary
      sassy_and_sweet_1: nite ada
      PopupVersesDotCom: in sight
      midwestalx: Prince Charles isn't the antichrist -- he is just a rich spoiled old Englishman
      PopupVersesDotCom: in word only
      ptlis: Does not the Plan of Salvation come into importance sometime?
      Crucible: what if i do not believe in jesus
      jake_411: i agree midwest
      PopupVersesDotCom: midwest, not yet. he's the leading candidate. read the book
      Crucible: then they won't need to pull me away from beliefs
      ErinSaved: Yes lis
      PopupVersesDotCom: his very heradic achievement is the picture of Rev 13 and Dan 7
      jake_411: crucible then you die in your sins..no eternal life
      Crucible: oh wlel
      Crucible: then none for me
      ErinSaved: Yup jake
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      Crucible: you better pray for me then, or i will go to hell
      ErinSaved: Then you will die and go to Hell, be cut off from God, forever, Crucible If you die unsaved.
      ptlis: I am not worried about any aliens...I am too busy preparing for Jesus Second coming
      Alf500: jake, or purgatory
      PopupVersesDotCom: this is a good room. christians have no clue how satanic the world is and will become
      ErinSaved: I will pray for you
      ErinSaved: Amen Sly
      jake_411: crucible..how sad for you to say
      ptlis: What if I am Dead tomorrow?
      jake_411: alf.only cat eating bugs go to purgatory
      Crucible: i am not worried about anything, what happens will happen
      Alf500: jake, got to eat something
      ErinSaved: AMEN Sly
      Sadee11: Amen Sly
      sassy_and_sweet_1: nite alf
      Crucible: maybe i will start eating cats so i can go to purgatory
      ErinSaved: Hi Sadee
      Alf500: night sassy
      sassy_and_sweet_1: go eat salad
      jake_411: lol crucible
      sassy_and_sweet_1: not meat
      Sadee11: Hi Erin
      Alf500: sassy, cat tail salad
      sassy_and_sweet_1: especially not kitty tail
      Pot Hole Dodger: wrong sly...alien presence. that would preccede the rapture..in reference to to one world king...the anticrist...that has not happened
      midwestalx: have to go ----- God Bless Everyone
      jake_411: crucible..there is no purgatory..heaven or hell..no in betweens
      Alf500: pickled kittie tails are kind of like carrots
      PopupVersesDotCom: Lk 21:36 -- 36 Therefore be watchful all the time, asking that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will happen, and to stand before the Son of Man.”
      Crucible: then off to hell i go your religion would say
      jake_411: lol alf..yum
      Crucible: i hope it is nice in hell
      sassy_and_sweet_1: alf............you should switch to squirrels
      Alf500: night everyone, time to stock up
      jake_411: dark and lonely crucible
      Alf500: sassy, too much fur
      ptlis: really hope you do not find out crucible
      Pot Hole Dodger: it is yer responsiblility to be informed
      Crucible: well, dark and lonely is not hell for me
      sassy_and_sweet_1: when then try rats
      jake_411: crucible..compared to heaven?
      Crucible: i don't know, i have never been to heaven
      Crucible: so i do not know what it is like
      PopupVersesDotCom: can you expand on what the clones are clones of? you mean their genetic engineering of creatues that look like "greys" or what
      CheerUpCharly: Aliens, huh?
      Still trying to decide on a sig.

      How is this: If you can't beat them join Lost soul.

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      its too long my brain cant handle it
      El que vive de ilusiones muere de desengaños.

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      Crucible: maybe i will start eating cats so i can go to purgatory[/b]

      These beliefs do seem asinine to me as well.

      Although, most religions revolving around the idea that humans are the only ones subjected to a potential afterlife, I do not like either. I find it funny how so many beliefs are perpetuated by the idea of how us humans, who have existed in only the blink of existance, are the primary function of any religion.

      Also, it seems a lot of beliefs like these are rotated around the idea that, somehow, people can live forever or have "eternal life". Yet again adding to my philosophy that many people beliefs revolve around the fear of death or no after-life and then become very enveloped in their beliefs in order to have a decent after-life.

      He also threatened you really, and, most likely, has no idea what you believe, yet says you are going to hell.. hm.


      Note: This should be in Philosophy, perhaps..? I can see the subject easily moving into it.

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      Hmm... Alien demons huh?

      I read a site that said that God was an alien. It said god made humans by combining their species DNA with monkey's...

      These are the tears that I dream about...

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      i also wanna know what ver of the bible they are using...

      ...but ya, they seemed to simply make stuff up and present it as fact whenever it was convenient...ex. how they said that egyptians had built the pyramids before wheels were invented...thats BS...they had chariots...for that matter they also had already invented paper and ice cream so, ya...also, i didnt see where they ever actually explained why they decided demons/angels were aliens, and the whole cloning thing...it seems like they just thought it to be an interesting concept/idea and jus ran with it...

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      You know, considering how realistic and emotionally impacting Lucid Dreams can be, it seems like anybody can be convinced of anything these days. Hey, I think it's interesting...and POTENTIALLY true...hehehe.

      The guy's creative, give him and yourself a break.
      naturals are what we call people who did all the right things accidentally

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      i find it interesting he uses this url...what deos decep.html mean??

      not to be skeptical or anything *cough*im always skeptical*cough* but the first thing that jumps to my mind when i read that url is 'deception' ...but maybe he means the aleins/demons/angels/whatever are deceiving us or something...meh

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      He is saying they are CLONES of FALLEN ANGELS. They are demons he says. This guy is a DAMNED FRUITCAKE! People like him should not be allowed to reproduce. You ever see movies where there are aliens then religious fanatics who are against it saying they are demons and the like? This guy was exactly like that. The people in that room said they would try to kill an alien if they came up to them. Even if it wanted only peace. They would still think they are demons trying to decieve them and try to kill them. People like this should be put into asylums PERMINATELY!
      Still trying to decide on a sig.

      How is this: If you can't beat them join Lost soul.

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      These sound like the kind of people who read too many top-ten books like "The 9th Planet" and "The DaVinci Code". I don't get wtf aliens have to do with anything.


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