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    Thread: Good deal

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      Good deal

      ipod for free


      this kid around the block got his ipod on monday NO JOKE i watched him open it

      maybe i can take a picture of the reciept thing

      cmon its not a scam its with reliable names like ebay/aol/ other big names

      it took me about 5 minutes or so to sign up with rhapsody and all i have to do is send them an email to cancel

      all you have to do is sign up with rhapsody and thats it then get a few other people to and your ipod is on the way

      it works because the websites you sign up pay insane amounts of money if they can get people to open an account

      PLEASE HAVE A CREDIT CARD! Nothing will be charged(its just incase you want to keep the service after the trial)

      you need a credit card for these offers sorry kiddies

      YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO 1 offer thats all

      its one of those you do a 14 day trial thing then cancel early

      you DONT get charged unless you dont cancel(which takes like 2 minutes) rhapsody and ancestry.com are reliable and confirm on the freeipod.com site really fast

      use a good email account that you check

      cmon guys its worth a shot isnt it ?

      whats there to lose? besides 5 minutes of your time

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      Are you with freeiPods.com ?

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      but my friend got one

      so now i know its real i want one

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      The Matrix... Wishes to: Free DV ....... Bears the truth: What do you think?
      let me know when you get yours...in fact take a picture of yourself opening the box and discovering your free ipod. Then I'll join....
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      I'd be more inclined to bow
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      From what I can gather; this is more than once you've done this. Don't use Dreamviews as an advertising donkey.

      * It's harder than it sounds to get 5 friends to sign up for AOL or eBay (there are other ways, though).
      * The company loses money every time somebody gets an iPod. Therefore; if this takes off the company will die. Expect losers.
      * It's only offered in US.

      It is a pyramid scheme. Let me pull some facts from various webpages:

      There seems to be some confusion about how this site (and others) works. Let me explain. You sign up. You have to get 5 referrals. Those 5 people each have to get 5 referrals (or people to sign up) and so on.

      In terms of numbers it goes like this -
      1 needs 5, 5 needs 25, 25 needs 125, 125 - 625, 625-3125, 3125, 15,625, 78125, 390625, 1953125, 9765625, 48828125, 244140625, 1220703125, 6103515625, 30517578125- that's when we run out! 16 levels.

      Its a pyramid.
      Plain and simple.
      And as such it is not permitted in the iPodlounge Forums. You need to realise that you have to be one of the top 12% to actually ever stand a chance of getting anything from these schemes.
      They are a con, and by signing up to them you are just perpetuating the scam and lining someone elses pocket. It is also spam. You post this info here, email your friends and family and so you are spamming for the spammer.
      It is viral marketing*.
      Most viral marketing plans use others resources to get the word out. Members who post messages and links to sites which feature the promise of free iPods are relaying the marketers message for them and they are using the resources of iPodlounge to do this rather than their own.
      The important thing to note there is the TOP 12% are the only people that will get their ipods.

      Therefore, I would reccomend that if you want an ipod, go through a nice, stabler and easier way: eBay.com and bid for one. Sure, it's more expensive than this amazing freeipod deal, but I for one would not be taking any chances in today's world of scamming.

      At the end of this day, it's just like those "get rich quick" mails everybody's received some point in their life,

      Also of note is that many forums have banned this advertising; as it is viral marketing.

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      Hit the nail on the head, Kaniaz. A pyramid scheme, designed so the creaters of this scheme can get rich, and if you're really lucky, you can reap small benefiets, at someone elses expense.
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