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      Plan H now that Chavez unlike Bush has won democratically

      If you didn't hear, Yesterday Us polling firms are in an imbroglio with the government, since they tried to throw the election to the opposition, and in another fit of irony Choicepoint illegally obtained voter rolls and wanted to pull another florida. Mexico is moving forwards with plans to prosecute them since the company somehow (cia) obtained the country's voter rolls illegally.

      Chavez is a leader inspired by Christ (christian version), I am no fan of radicals, but I do appreciate a moderate leftist such as Chavez, who is working to change the country, of course he is hated by the 3% that control nearly 70-80% of the country. I never thought I would see the day that Venezuela had more democracy and voter enthusiasm than the USA
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      Some have said that a certain government, in a certain country, is upset with Chavez's win.


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