ok what you see here are the U.S.A. top secret weapons i just had to hack my way though a search site and bam i got them don't tell any one about them i could be killed.

10. A really big stick that's kind of pointy on the end (Laffman, Chris Barnes)
9. Paper Airplane [Complete with Paper Missiles] ([email protected])
8. Disgruntled Postal Workers 1st Armored Batallion (lefty)
7. A little robot that steals socks from washing machines (Stickboy)
6. Pork and Bean Gas Unit (Jenny)
5. Spitball Bazooka (The Lizard Queen)
4. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons (David Peters)
3. ICBM&M's, the candy coated warheads ([email protected])
2. The dreaded, thingie mabob (ahhh, run)
1. Nuclear powered super soakers (Ben Worth)[/b]