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      Thesis Statements

      I really don't understand them all that much.

      Example: I need to write a compare and contrast essay that compares and contrasts The Most Dangerous Game short story to the movie. Guess what, it needs a thesis statement.

      I understand that it can't be too broad or too specific, it needs to sound official, and it needs to state what you are about to talk about in the next two paragraphs.

      So, I would probably come up with something like this:

      "Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game differs from the movie version in regards to the plot, and the characters."

      Can anyone improve upon this, or is this a pretty okay thesis statement?

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      I'm not an english teacher, I have no idea what I'm talking about. Be sure to write in a style that will appeal to your audience. If it's formal...

      "Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game differs in many respects from soandso's movie adaptation(Year), however none so could be compared to than soandso's take on Connell's plot and character development.

      Try to keep it broad and specific at the same time, or else you'll write all of your main points in your introduction. Take your strongest arguement and make it last if persuasive.

      Oh yeah, don't plagerize

      nah, I don't care... it up to you.
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      The thesis statement is simply the point you're trying to convey with your entire essay. So why are you writing this essay? If it's to state that there is a difference between the two works, then yes, that's a fine thesis statement. It's not supposed to be pretty or anything, it's to the point, it gives the reader exactly what they need to know to see where you're going with the rest of the essay.

      Personally, I would say something more along the lines of "Richard Connell's 'The Most Dangerous Game' differs from the movie adaptation by 'insert-director/screenplay writer here' in several different aspects. Firstly, (insert argument #1, which will serve as body paragraph #1). Secondly, (insert argument #2)...." and so on.


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