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    Thread: Pocket Watches

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      Pocket Watches

      When I was 4 or 5, I really wanted a pocket watch. I was in London at the time, and my grandmother and aunt went to the market with me. Someone was selling pocket watches, and I couldn't decide between gold or silver. Yes, such a simple choice was so overwhelming at that age. In the end I couldn't chose and didn't get one. But then the next day, my aunt and my grandmother showed up with a silver pocket watch. I was so happy!
      For a few years now, I've always wanted to use my pocket watch. I used it for a few months, then grew disgusted at the design. It had horses on. Not to my taste. But then today, my father gifted me with a pocket watch that he had been given a decade back. It came in a blue box, with the address of the maker on it. I opened it up, and inside was a shiny silver pocket watch with chain. It looked like new! When I saw it, I was filled with such joy. Its made with real silver, too.
      "Don't sell it!" my father joked. And of course I wouldn't. Its one of those things that you keep with you for the rest of your life. There is a sentimental element about it too - my dad must have known I like pocket watches, and gave it to me now "in case anything happened to him before he could".
      I love modern things, and gadgets - but the classic pocket watch (which has been pushed away by the wrist watch) is something I love.

      I wanted to know, does anyone else love pocket watches? Do you own one? Do you still use yours?
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      I agree I've always loved pocket watches too. I've never owned one though. I once tried to make my own. I think it would be pretty cool in this age of iphones for someone to literally pull out a pocket watch when you ask them the time. Nerdy. But cool.

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      YOu tried to make one? Wow, that sounds hard. From scratch or from a kit?

      I have owned quite a few pocket watches, but I guess I just kept losing them. I like them also, the shape, the weight. I never liked wrist-watches. I haven't owned one in 20 years or more. But I would love it if someone gifted me a pocket-watch!


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