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      I'm considering buying a cell phone. (In Canada)

      Any advice? I'm looking into Koodo and WIND, but the rest of my family are on Rogers, so I might get a discount that way. I'd only like a simple, basic phone, as I already have a Mobile Internet device for other uses. Do any of you know of good deals for this kind of phone, or cheap plans? The only carrier I'm NOT thinking of is Bell, because my family has had very bad experiences with their customer service in the past, hence the switch to Rogers. I'm going to be paying for this all myself, so I'm not looking for a top-of-the-line superphone. Just something that can make calls and the occasional text.

      Note that this is in Canada, so don't talk about AT&T or Verizon, please.

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      I would go with Koodo. The don't have any contracts, charge by the second for your calls and their phones are inexpensive, especially if you use their tab system. $15 a month will give you 50 minutes and 50 texts. If you need more minutes or text you can just add -on. I have unlimited texting for $5 a month. Can't beat it.

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