Has anyone else experimented with Bacopa monnieri as a lucid aid? I had a couple successes with it that I initially attributed to a placebo effect, but after another effective WILD attempt I'm starting to wonder if it is more than that.

The last two attempts have been during structured WBTBs and both resulted in WILDs. On both occasions I took two tablets of "Himalaya" brand Bacopa together with tablets of Choline+Inositol. On the most recent attempt I also combined 80mg caffeine which was apparently overkill because it took forever to get back to sleep (about 90 minutes) and then after finally WILDing I had poor integration and kept waking up. However, despite the shallowness of the dream state I was able to resume LD multiple times by way of WILD and DILD for over an hour.

I'd be interested to hear from others and try to figure out if Bacopa + Choline is a working combo.