I had a very long dry spell. The occasional dream, but not that many, not nearly enough for what I wanted. A mix of life events and winter mood kept me from really developing good habits for dreaming. Until about a week ago. I started eating honey crisp cereal with milk, and I had a dream every night for a week, and two in a night for at least three of those days. This was the exact opposite for me; from one unusual pattern to another. I very rarely have more than one dream in a night.

Normally I wouldn't credit the milk, except I stopped having dreams for a couple of days after I didn't drink any milk. Then, last night, I had a glass late at night, around 1:20. And I had a dream that was not only incredibly vivid, but also long and Lucid. I wasn't extremely aware of the Lucidity, but I haven't had a truly Lucid dream in at least a year.

Of course I also had a good bit of REM-rebound last night due to a shift in my sleep pattern. But that doesn't account for the sheer number of dreams I had the week prior with just the milk.

So yeah, milk does at least something for me. I wonder... Does anybody know why?