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    Thread: Electric Brain Stimulation via Electrodes on the Scalp induces Lucid Dreams.

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      Electric Brain Stimulation via Electrodes on the Scalp induces Lucid Dreams.

      Hey folks.
      I haven't been on this forum in years, but I found an article that will surely interrest you. I had to share it here.
      Scientists in Germany have managed to induce Lucid Dreams by sending an electric current in the Gamma frequency
      into the Frontal/Temporal area of the brain through an electrode placed on the scalp.

      Read it yourself here:
      Scientists Induce Lucid Dreams With Electrical Stimulation |Higher Perspective
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      "While tACS is not recommended for use outside of a medical setting, the ability of physicians to induce lucid dreams could provide new treatment models"

      Murkoff confirmed... XD I kid I kid, but seriously Sounds really cool.
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