I know there are several old threads on this, but I am reporting a little bit of my experiences from it here. I'm in the US, so its legal here (at least my state) and I haven't found any adverse side effects while google searching or my own experiences.

I ordered some Calea zacatechichi from online, and from a vendor that had already put an ounce or so in gelatin capsules. I was not keen on making a tea out of it as reports of the taste were terrible, and from a past attempt with no success. So I was trying just ingesting the plant material to see if I could get affects that way, since a couple reports on Erowid had mentioned increased vividness and dream recall.

And I've got to say, damn, with a little amount my length of dreams extended tremendously. Usually, when I wake up (or while I'm going through a night's sleep) it will be going through one dream segment or story, then blackouts and then aware in another segment. So while I am aware in the dreamstate, I'll be aware of going through specific places or events, but they are usually separated. This goes for when I wake up, too. I will remember "several" dreams, which seem disjunct and disconnected in terms of transitioning between them.

However, with the Calea Z this was not so lol. With ingesting approximately 4.5 grams, I had one huge continuous dream. Each area I went into transitioned into another area, and so on. From the point of view within the dream, it just kept going! I woke up once or twice, and when I resumed sleep, soon after the same thing continued. Just on and on and on, through so many locations seamlessly merging into and from each other. When I woke up I was recalling everything again as one continuous dream, rather than "separate" dreams. I think this fits into my mindset as well, as I tend to think of dreaming being an event that happens continually throughout a night's sleep, but we just consciously remember bits and pieces of it upon waking.

Anyway, my point was that the Calea Z greatly increased my dream recall, as well as helping me be a little bit more aware in the dream state. Throughout the course of trying different amounts (the most I tried was about 12g ingesting, and oddly enough I didn't remember my dreams that night) I found that between 4g and 8g was enough to set off the continuous night-long dreams, plus some trippy moments in the dream state. I am curious if anyone has experienced lucid dreams in the state. I also found that it kept me asleep, as one time I was being chased by somebody and even though I was getting freaked out, my dream was still stable enough so I wouldn't wake up.

So it could be a possible lucid aid, although it seems to work more with this awareness, dream recall, and possibly working with specific intents before going to sleep. Thoughts on this?