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    Thread: Galantamine makes me hyper..l-theanine knocks me out. Help!

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      Galantamine makes me hyper..l-theanine knocks me out. Help!

      I used to have very easy time to achieve lucidity without any aids, 10-15 yrs ago, when younger, and had less responsibilities. Now I had the great urge to return to experimenting and I figured, since I have the technique down, all I need is practice, plus a little boost to help me to use my little available time..thus I began reading up on lucid aids and ended up purchasing some. So far I had two trials, as follows, both with some difficultues, and I am looking for insight on what to change, or add, to make my experimenting more succesful.

      Trial one:
      - 100 mg 5-htp at bedtime
      -3.5 hrs later: 8 mg galantamine plus 600 mg choline
      This made my attempt very succesful, with several WILD experiences and in between those, vivid and colorful dreams.
      The problem: it took over 3 hours to fall back asleep once the effects kicked in, as even though my body was more than ready to sleep, my mind was hyper and racing and no meditation techniques helped to counteract it.

      Trial two: (a week later)
      -100 mg 5-htp at bedtime
      -3 hours later, 8 mg galantamine, 600 mg choline, and 200 mg l-theanine taken
      Effects were felt within 20 minutes, and thanks to l-theanine, I was 100% relaxed and eventually, after some auditory sensations (strong wind blowing near me, windchimes, etc) I passed out, completely, and slept for 5 hours straight :-(
      Now, I had very lovely happy and uplifting dreams in this 5 hour period..:-) I woke up re-energized and happy, absolutely.
      Unfortunately though, I cannot recall about 98% of these dreams :-( and of course, no lucidity that I can recall, whatsoever.

      Now I am trying to come up with some solution in order to have a succesful third attempt, in about a week.
      The first combo absolutely works but I cannot afford laying awake with racing mind for so many hours, until finally my mind relaxes.
      The second combo works great to counteract the racing mind..but it works too good and thus cannot accomplish my goal.

      What else could be changed to have the benefit of both worlds? I read a small dose of melatonin might help, but melatonin tends to knock me out hard in general so I am not sure if that would work either.

      If anyone has any working ideas for me, please let me know! I will dig deep in the forum too for the coming days and see if I can also come up with some answer that I perpahs previously overlooked.

      Thanks in advance!!

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      Try only taking 50 to 100mg of l-theanine if at all possible. I know at walmart and similar places usually have a blend of melatonin and l-theanine, usually with a few other things like hops, chamomile, skullcap, valerian extract, lemon balm, and possibly 5-htp/l-tryptophan. Try getting one that's a nice small blend, so that you get small dosages of each supplement, I imagine it would help out pretty well.

      L-theanine and caffeine are known to have a synergistic effect as well, perhaps supplement your current regimen (8 mg galantamine, 600 mg choline, 200 mg l-theanine) with around 50 to 100 mg of caffeine. L-theanine and caffeine balance each other out. If you've ever smoked weed and know the chemicals involved, it's similar to THC and CBD, caffeine being the THC and l-theanine being the CBD. They complement each other in a way that you get the positive effects of both supplements while mitigating the negatives (with caffeine, that would be over-stimulation and rapid heartbeat/BP, and with l-theanine that would be becoming too relaxed and having trouble with dream recall). Their synergistic effect is known to, at least in the waking state, cause your brain to generate alpha brainwaves, which is an alert but relaxed and imaginative/creative state of consciousness.

      Source is wikipedia, among various other sites on the web. Here's a quote from the l-theanine page on wikipedia:
      Quote Originally Posted by L-Theanine Wikipedia Page
      Effects on the brain[edit]
      Able to cross the blood–brain barrier, theanine has psychoactive properties.[10] Theanine has been studied for its potential ability to reduce mental and physical stress,[11] improve cognition,[12] and boost mood and cognitive performance in a synergistic manner with caffeine.[13][14][15][16][17][18]

      Theanine promotes alpha wave production in the brain.
      So my advice is to try both of what I suggested above. Go to walmart or a store of your choice that has sleep supplements, buy one with those additional supplements and make sure the dosage per serving is fairly low. Then, on another occasion or even in conjunction with the new supplement, either drink a 16.9 FL oz coca-cola or mountain dew if you want ~50mg caffeine. If you want more, walmart and CVS and I'm sure other places sell generic Vivarin, which is a 200mg caffeine pill. If you want 100mg, just cut the pill in half. The nice thing about the pill is that it takes 30 to 45 minutes to hit you so it will most likely happen when you are back to sleep and already dreaming, and possibly cause you to realize you are dreaming and you get a nice DILD!
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      Try a longer wbtb no supps, see how that compares. And of course for all trials be sure to expect an ld.

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      Yeah, galantamine wires me awake more profoundly than a 12-pack of red bull. I tried taking it last weekend when extremely sleep deprived and it still kept me hovering in a bizarre exhausted state for hours before I slept (I think). I will try some L-theanine to see if it helps counteract.
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