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      For those living in Colorado, Washington, or any other place where marijuana is legal for recreation, I have a question. Does marijuana have any strong effect on dreaming? I don't mean passively, as in it affects your dreaming if you smoke it regularly. I mean when someone is currently high on marijuana does it affect dreams if they were to go to sleep or attempt WILD? I'm just curious as it seems like it would have a huge effect from what I know about it.

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      It depends on the strain. Most strains will obliterate your dream recall and you'll have a "blackout" sleep. It won't even seem you like had any dreams. A few strains will give you insane psychedelic dreams that you'll remember quite clearly. I don't know any in particular. Didn't take note of what it was the few times it has happened, but they were probably pure sativa. If you want to use cannabis and still remember your dreams, pure sativa strains are probably your best bet. Find the most stimulating one you can. Obviously it'll make it more difficult to sleep, but when you do fall asleep you might have some pretty rad dreams. The cannabinoids that make you feel stoney and tired are the ones that will ruin your dream recall.
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      Marijuana has a positive effect on dreaming for a few, leading to more vivid and abstract dreams. For most, it seems to destroy recall. A little marijuana in a once in a while seems to have more chance of positively affecting dreams than weed all the time. By once in a while I mean like twice a month, maybe 3 or 4 times. I haven't smoked in quite some time, but for me it just destroyed recall. After about a month of cessation if you are a regular smoker, memory function, a clearer head, and your sense of reality all return--including the ability to recall your dreams. If you do not smoke regularly (just as often as I stated earlier, a few times a month) then it only takes like 2 or 3 days max.

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      Cannabis probably won't give you vivid dreams as a direct effect, but in the days following its use you may get more vivid dreams as a sort of rebound effect. That's been my experience, anyway.

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