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    Thread: Cultivation of the Red Spider Lily?

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      Question Cultivation of the Red Spider Lily?

      So with it pretty established that galantamine is a pretty solid dream aid, the question now is how to harvest it for as cheap as possible. I was more or less wondering if anybody out there has tried to grow the red spider lily and what methods they used to extract it. If nobody hasn't I would still assume there at are at home methods of extraction, I mean having an at home source of galantamine in plenty would be something else!Now depending on the yield of galantamine per flower it seems like it would be relatively cheap, although at first glance it doesn't appear this way considering that red spider lily bulbs are about $8.00 US dollars for 2. Any responses are appreciated!

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      First, red spider lily contains toxic chemicals. You would need to properly extract galantamine in order to get rid of noxious chemicals. Second, unless you can grow them outside (southern states only) you could never get enough flowers.

      Lets assume you can get enough flowers. You need equipment to do "fractional distillation" and that wil be no less than $200-300. You basically start with a closed column that slowly drips hot alcohol over the flowers. Then you take the alcohol and heat it in the equipment. You must find the exact boiling point of galantamine (easy enough) and get rid of everything that distills off before that temp, and stop distilling as soon as the temp raises above that.

      Not overly easy, and with the equipment cost, it is probably not worth it.
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