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    Thread: Dream Herb: Have you tried it? (C Z)

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      Dream Herb: Have you tried it? (C Z)

      calea Z. Have you tried it? How much did you use? How'd you take it? Did you get any results? When did you take it?

      I'm taking it tonight as a WBTB lukewarm tea (I can't afford to get up at 4:00am and brew tea, so I'm making it before bed and putting it into a water bottle)

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      I bought a bottle of Calea z quite sometime back i got it from
      amazon, it cost around 30. there were very good reviews for
      it but for me it did nothing at all dream wise, all it gave me was
      a slight hangover on waking. after several days i gave it up.

      I hope it works for you the thing that pretty much guarantees me lucidity
      or at the very least vivid dreams is Galantamind.

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      Hi Dreamer, I find that works too! I do this on Friday and Saturday nights only. If I do this more often than that I get an upset stomach and I've heard it can be unhealthy if you do this for extended periods. Right before bed I eat a can of Tuna or Salmon, or a chicken breast combined with 100 mg B6 and a B100 Complex multi-Vitamin. Vitamin B combines with the protein and greatly improves brain function. I often drink a small glass of apple juice just before bed too.Then I go to sleep and wake up 5 hours later just before REM starts. Then I take a half a glass of water and 4 mg Red Spider Lily Extract (Galantamine) and 200 mg Choline - this jump starts the brains' neurotransmitters. This gives me lots of vivid dreams, LD's, OBE's, and this often lasts for several days after the weekend. My stomach feels upset after the taking the Galantamine, but feels better after about 3 or 4 hours. Also very important is to repeat a mantra out load before bed so your subconscious will agree with you on your intent to have vivid and lucid dreams. "I will realize when I'm dreaming and I will be lucid." Say that for 10 minutes straight every night in a place where nobody can hear you, cause they'll think you're nuts! You have to say it out loud, because your subconscious can't hear what you're thinking. I find I won't get lucid unless a say a mantra out loud before bed. Dream journal upon waking. This is all I do, and it's been working fantastic! If I do nothing at all, and just go to bed and sleep (like me wife , then I'm lucky to an LD once a month.
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      I bought an ounce of Calea Zacatechichi online, and I have used that entire ounce with varying levels of success. I brewed the tea, and gosh, that stuff tastes HORRIBLE. Like you cannot prepare for it. I made only a 4oz glass (4 ounces of water with 4 grams of Calea Z), and my dreams were really great. Clear, vivid, and so very odd.

      I have had better and more consistent luck with Silene Capensis. Three days of taking it, and I had a normal day with insane fatigue as the day got darker, then I had vivid and real dreams at night.
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      How I use Calea Zacatechichi.

      I make tea out of it, but take it ONLY once a week.
      The other days I prepare my self for the that night so there is also a psychological effect (wanting & believe it to work) included.

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