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    Thread: Any ideas for a lucid dreaming VR app?

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      Any ideas for a lucid dreaming VR app?


      For a long time im experimenting with samsung gearvr. The GearVR are virtual reality glasses which are using a smartphone. The good thing on this glasses are that its wireless and you can wear it while youre asleep. So i got this idea: A lucid dreaming app which can trigger a lucid dream. We know the brain handles the virtual reality other as an ordinary screen. Because you feel like you where there in VR we have new methods to trigger lucid dreams. I had a few ideas i want to share with you:

      -Lucid dreaming simulator: You fall asleep with your Headset. After a short time (6 hours would be ideal) the app wake you up really gently and you are seeing surreal scenes in your headset which would just exist in a dream. Because you are a little dizzy after sleep you still believe that this scene is a dream for a short time and you will make a reality Check. With help of this App you could train your awareness very effective and i belive that you could have a very high chance of success. But until now i dont know any RCs which you could do virtually in your headset which results in a positive RC.

      -NovaDreamer VR: Here we could use the motion sensor (normally used for headtracking). When the motion sensor register a certain movement pattern it could see that you are in REM sleep and it could send little light impulses which you regocnize in your dream and you realise that this is just a dream.

      -Dream machine VR: The dream machine is a stroboscope which flashes in a certain frequency. You see this flashes through your closed eyes. Because this flashes you see after a short time shapes and colors. Maybe we could use this for lucid dreaming. When we make a dream machine which starts when you are in REM sleep (and maybe it flickers with a frequency of 40Hz) then it could induce a lucid dream.

      -Ganzfeld VR: The Ganzfeld experiment: You need 2 halfes of table tennis ball which you are stick in front of your eyes. Then you arrange a red lamp befor your eyes. Because of this you dont see anything except the color red. Now you put headphones on which are playing a white noise. Because all your senses are blocked and your brain tries to simulate it you will get accoustic and visual halluzinations. With the GearVR we can simulate the table tennis balls (with the screen) and can play the white noise at the same time so we have a portable ganzfeld experiment. Maybe we could use this Ganzfeld experimnet for lucid dreaming, WILD (Wake induced lucid dreaming) for example.

      Do you have some ideas? I want to realise everything with Unity3D + playmaker (with that you can get a convenient result as fast as possible (and without coding)). Do you have any ideas for a lucid dreaming app?
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      - Augmented Reality AR: if you can link up the smartphone's camera, overlay shadows and things onto the camera feed. And if the smartphone / camera can be detached from the headset, place it on the nightstand so that when you open your eyes you are looking at the room from a different perspective, which might just nudge you out! Have a look at Halovision - it highlights motion / any pixels that have changed in the video feed.

      - Reality Check RC: an app that runs in the background of the GearRV, so that whenever you use it for other stuff, like watching a movie or playing a game, it randomly plays a unique sound; a bell or chime or beep, and then overlays a symbol in the corner, prompting you to perform a reality check. Then it can play that same sound through the night, even if you aren't wearing it, but ideally in conjunction with NovaDreamer VR.

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