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      anyone like mustard here?

      heard mustard helps with lucid dreaming can anyone confirm?
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      Yeah only in combination with some food of course. I've tried to eat some mustard to see if it would make any difference to my dreams. I cant tell if it made any difference at all. But I've had much better luck with peanut butter and also with some cheese. Chrimps and cheese are my top favorites for more vivid dreams so far though.

      Here is some food sorces of mustards and almonds and how much melatonin they contain.

      White mustard (378 ng/tsp)
      Black mustard (258 ng/tsp)
      Almonds (39 ng/g)

      I would personaly prefer to eat 25g of almonds in this case, which would contain 975ng Vs 2tsp of White mustard which would only contain 756ng melatonin. However, since it is such a smal doses. Im not really sure if it will have any significant effect for vividness in dreams. Apple juice is said to be good as well, but I haven't had any luck with it myself though.
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      I have white mustard seeds at home. Maybe i'll eat a handful... lol.

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