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    Thread: Had an LD - Techniques or Supplements though?

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      Had an LD - Techniques or Supplements though?

      So for the last two weeks now I've been using the Dream Leaf with no luck, absolutely none. The worst part is either the blue or red pill, or both, will end up keeping me up.

      Well today I had the time and ability to sleep in so I took the blue pill at around 1:30 AM and probably fell asleep around quarter to three. Ended up waking up around 6:AM and thought may as well just take the red and see. Couldn't go back to sleep, so just putzed around for a few hours until about 9:30 this morning. Laid back down, dozed off, and THEN IT HAPPENED!!! :}

      Nah, nothing quite so insane but I'm pretty sure something did. I would say I was almost aware of being asleep, eyes closed, under the covers, all cute and adorable like I'm sure. Now I didn't open my eyes as I felt some kind of odd rushing in my body, maybe around it, but something did tip me off. So with some thought, I pulled myself from bed and was floating in the one corner of my bedroom. When I opened my eyes I thought I would have seen myself but didn't, but REALIZED I was dreaming and indeed LDing, I think... From there my bedroom changed to two, maybe three different scenes, and I was able to conjure someone up and talk to her.

      So this time was definitely different as I'm more certain I was LDing as well as able control things a bit more this time. Now I have to assume this is the result of the pills, but am also skeptical as the timing was so off when using them. However I didn't use any techniques this morning either so, I would say what probably tipped me off the most was the rushing feelings \ sounds. Either way, input would be great as obviously I need it!
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      Heyy DeltaDreamer ^_^
      To me this sounds like a WILD or at least something like that.
      So you said "something put me of". I assume that was some hypnagogic halucination of some sort. It can be vibrations, rings in your easr, voices, hearing strange words... Those are all naturall things that happen so its bot sonething that you have to panic about next time it happens
      I hope i helped ^ω^

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      @chance7hope - What a difference a month makes, and not in the good way! After I had this positive experience, a few days later I had a bad one... Couldn't sleep right and ended up having some weird ass dreams! Which now that I think about it could be progress of sorts but not exactly what I'm looking for! But yes, I know now to stay focused on the hypnagogic hallucinations more so and that they can be anything related to the five senses.

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      Also, just for anyone who may be interested in my ham-fisted way of bumbling my way through LDing, I'm going to try GalantaMind with a 100MG 5-HTP in a couple nights. As I haven't been successful with any of the supplements as of yet, the GM, Lucidimine and the Dream Leaf, I took a long break and continued on with the basics. But having just saw 5-HTP in the Walmart over the weekend I thought why not augment what I already have with it. FINGERS CROSSED!

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