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      What are the best night time Lucid Dream phone applications?

      What's the best night time Lucid Dream phone application for detecting REM? Is there one that doesn't make you spend five nights sleeping *just* for it to come up with your REM times, and then make you adjust the times when needed, but instead is able to be pretty accurate with the times if you go to sleep at different times?

      Is there an Application where you can have it play a certain mp3 file just once at a certain time, and at different times play a different mp3 file? Where it's exactly like an alarm, but with no snooze, and it doesn't repeat.

      (I'm on Android.)

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      They all use the spirograph thing inside the phone that reacts to movements on your mattress. An algorithm is then determined to see if you are in REM sleep. They are notoriously inaccurate and dont work on memory foam mattresses. Ive tried them all and none were ever on point

      Start saving for the upcoming Aurora headband. That device when launched will detect rem sleep and shine a light cue for a DEILD attempt or get a RemDreamer
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