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    Thread: Galantamine is hardcore

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      Galantamine is hardcore

      I had an epic failed attempt with galantamine and choline (pretty sure it was the galantamine though) a few days ago. This was my second attempt; my first attempt, I was very tired and brainfogged. I did feel like I was slipping in and out of dreams easily, but none of them were slightly vivid. I saw a lot of potential in it though.

      Before bed I mixed 500 mg choline powder and 2 microscoops (~8 mg) of galantamine powder in water, as per the instructions on the label. I left it on my nightstand and went to bed at midnight, setting an alarm for 5 am. I slept much more deeply than usual and slept through my alarm, instead waking up at 6:45. I realized I might not be able to fall back asleep, but I decided I'll give it ago and slammed the drink.

      Unfortunately, I couldn't get back to sleep. It was too light out. I tossed and turned for a while. When I laid on my side, I got intense auditoty and tactile hallucinations. It sounded like a mixture between a drum and a buzz, and a wave of feeling in my body accompanied each one. They started coming in larger and larger waves and it got to be too much. I aborted my WILD. What happened next, I guess could be called waking dreams? I daydreamed watching (or being in?) children's cartoons for the next hour. I don't really remember that much and the daydreams were confusing, but I felt like I had been to those locations before in dreams I've long since forgotten.

      At 8:30, I got put of bed feeling like wet asshole. I was drenched in sweat. I went to go puke (probably didn't need to, but it helped me feel a little better), and took a glorious cold shower. I took 1 benzo to help me relax and went back to bed (didn't occurto me to do this earlier). It relaxed me a lot.

      As I was trying to adjust my position, I found I couldn't move. Wow, so this is sleep paralysis. I'd never experienced it before. It wasn't scary, there were no demons, it was slightly annoying. I adjusted my covers and they felt like 100 lbs. I was mobile in a few minutes. This happened a couple other times in the night before I went to sleep. I drifted in and out of a peaceful dreamless sleep until noon (way too long).

      Maybe 8 mg of galantamine is overkill.

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      Or maybe you need to get a highly accurate digital scale. Don't kid yourself...accurate dosing of micronized powders with a "scoop" is fraught with peril. What you THOUGHT was 8mg was probably significantly more. There's a treatise on how to properly dose (time-wise) G and Ch. I have it on my computer somewhere. From memory (and I could be wrong) it doesn't sound like your methodology was going to produce a result other than the one you experienced.

      I have a large supple of both G and Ch. Haven't used either in about a year. If you REALLY want a boost (and you are a male) try Optimen vitamins. Take one twice daily. Guaranteed to double your dream recall, and hence, enhance your underlying skills and chances for an LD.

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      I mean I did have a pretty intense experience with 8 mg of galantamine. I was also using around 650 mg of choline along with it. Anyways, it was my first time ever using it, so I feel like that was partially the reason. How long ago was your first attempt using it? Now that I've used it a few times it's much more manageable. But the first night was super intense I got really intense body vibrations and a really loud whistling sound and some intense sleep paralysis. Worked out though I had a good chain of lucid dreams with WILD and DEILD after that though. And now usually anytime I take it I can get around three lucid dreams with WILD and DEILD.
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