Disclaimer: taking Soma (generic: carisoprodol) on a regular basis can produce terrible withdrawal symptoms, and blackouts and overdose are easy if you take too much. I don't suggest anybody use this for the expressed purpose of getting lucid, but I just wanted to share my experiences I've had with dreaming while taking it. It's a muscle relaxant that works on GABA receptors (it can cause dangerous respiratory depression if you mix it with something else or take too much, just to throw another warning out there).

Unlike most experiences I have with drugs that cause blackouts/acute retrograde amnesia (forgetting what happened the night before) or that are depressants in general, I always seem to have great dream recall when I have taken soma, and my dreams are typically very vivid as well. This morning I got up, and then lazed around and wrapped up all comfortable in a recliner. I wound up having 3 false awakenings where I realized I was dreaming and gained lucidity, and then went on to have 6 more dreams by just lying there very relaxed. There was no REM Atonia or anything as per usual. A few of the times I thought I had woke up again and would almost classify it as a false awakening, because despite it being in a different place, I didn't recognize that it was different--I was just aware of what was going on some how. About 3 or 4 of the times, I would be lying there, and would start to feel more relaxed, and then just be able to tell that I was in a dream, or rather a dream state. I honestly can't tell you what tipped me off, because the difference in how my body felt was extremely subtle. I kind of just knew. I guess if anything, my body felt ever so slightly heavier/dense. In total I had 9 lucid dreams this morning (all about ~10-15 minutes in length it felt) without trying whatsoever... I kinda just had them.

I put the disclaimer up because soma is prescription only and a scheduled drug (at least in the united states), and has a great potential to be dangerous. I don't necessarily think anyone should try using it as a lucid aid, but I figured the information itself might be interesting to some people, and might help with some research into lucid supplements or something based on soma's pharmacology.