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    Thread: The Best Lucid Aid Supps...

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      The Best Lucid Aid Supps...

      Okay folks, back to it. Always feel a break is necessary, with success or failure, to kind of recharge the batteries and start from scratch. Of course I say that having sustained the latter, as if I was successful in LDing I would hardly be taking a break. Anyway I find lucid aids can help, but only supplement a solid routine. As I'm rebuilding \ building a new one, I found three supps I had bought from Amazon.

      GalantaMind \ DreamLeaf \ Lucidimine - The one I had the best luck with, though the dreams were weird, was GalantaMind. I don't think DL did anything for me and the same thing Lucidimine. However as I'm getting back into things I figure it can't hurt to try one of these products again. So, I'm mainly curious about the luck y'all had with either of these products and if there's anything new about them, or a new supp in general.

      Either way I appreciate the help!
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      Okay come on guys, way too much information to go through!:} Sorry for the corny way to bump, but I figure it's less so than saying BUMP D O G!!!

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      The most fundamental lucidity trigger combination to induce WILD experiences would be Choline Bitartrate and Galantamine. Choline works synergistically with Galantamine because it affects the rate at which acetylcholine (the neurotransmitter responsible for making our mind more aware and cognizant) increases while Galantamine prevents the break down of acetylcholine. 400-800mg of Choline Bitartrate with 8mg of Galantamine is ideal to induce a WILD. However, this will not work for a DILD. If you wish to induce a lucid dream while already sleeping, you can take 1200mg of Alpha GPC which is an acetylcholine precursor but converts at a much slower rate (3hr peak plasma time as opposed to the 1hr time of choline). Galantamine can be bought for about $20-30 and the others are no more than $5-$10 each on Amazon.

      Resource: Advanced Lucid Dreaming: The Power of Suppliments

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