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    Thread: Mind Clarity Trick?

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      Mind Clarity Trick?

      After some help from FryingMan I have been able to have around two lucid dreams a week. I have written down on a paper what exactly I want to do in my lucid dreams. But, what I have noticed with writing this down, is that not once out of the four times Iíve LDíd this month have I been able to complete these tasks in my dream.

      Whenever I become lucid I RC a few times to cement and be sure of myself that Iím dreaming. I jump and fly, check my hands, etc. One thing I do notice from doing this is that I get more traction on the dream scape when I tell myself Iím dreaming. For example last night after RCing three times and becoming lucid I simply had to close my eyes and will the scene to become a pub in Ireland at day time and it did (I used to not be able to change my dreams).

      The only problem is that when Iím in my LD, I seem to not be having full clarity of my thoughts and memories. Is this normal? It feels like my personality and mind are a computer program, and When Iím lucid the computer runs my program slower because half of its memory is asleep (I donít know if that works &#128528. I tried to simply find a dream guide to take me around my dream scape but somehow I forgot right when I got to Ireland and sat down to have some food!

      The tough thing is that in my LD I do FEEL alone I have the full capacity, and the LD does seem more real than reality, but when I wake up I realize how impaired my mind was and that I couldnít get to a simple goal I had set for myself.

      Does anyone have any tricks to access real life memories or to give you more clarity? Thanks!
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      It's perfectly normal that in a dream our memory and planning are not at their best, this is because the parts of the brain responsible for these are more dormant. This does not mean, however, that all of brain's facilities are operating at an impaired rate. Some may even be operating better than during the day - think about creativity and insight, for example.

      Now, to the issue of improving recall, I would recommend to incorporate a wbtb in your routine if possible. A few minutes awake can not only help have an ld, but the boosted levels of neurotransmitters will also make it easier to recall your goals. You can additonally improve prospective memory by incorporating mantras or just visualizing prior to falling asleep any goals you would like to accomplish. Finally, you may also run through your goals during the day. I usually stick to the same goals for at least couple of days, usually either until accomplished or until something else becomes more interesting.
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