Thier new update states "ATTN: to all of our wonderful kickstarter backers still awaiting a preorder, please confirm your shipping address at the below link BY MAY 1st OR YOUR ORDER WILL BE FORFEITED." Sorry but these people were scam artist. if you did not respond to thier obscure message your unit was already "FORFEITED."

one user claimed "getting really angry right now. my device was send back by the customs because i was overseas during the time it arrived. I contacted aurora several times via ther website contact page.. never got an answer. i wrote a message in the comment-section... never got an answer.
what am i supposed to do? i guess i will inform kickstarter support. this behavior is outrageous." It wasn't sent back to customs bro, cause it wasn't sent to you, they only send thing's big like tv's servers, or furniture back to customs. It would be left on your porch.

"after again completely forgetting about this project I just had a look into your iwinks account - and my order status apparently is "failed delivery" - and thats some 8 months ago."

So they claim last call for all kick starter units with no new reviews from all these people who apparently got units the nda is up and now they claim "IF WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED AN ADDRESS CONFIRMATION by MAY 1st, 2018, we will be forced to assume YOUR UNIT FORFEITED" on the kickstarter. Think about that for a sec, think about all 1,200 units that are now "FORFEITED" this is why there is no new reviews, because if you were not watching the kickstarter like a hawk, like 99% of the people who pre ordered this were told you openly forfeited your unit. There are 30 individuals who claimd to try to contact them under that post, and all have never been abile to contact them. What shitty individuals. They knew no one was watching, and they did what I said they would do. If you pre ordered this thing, please be aware they forfeited 99% of the backers, and that's a forfeit without refund. Pulling a forfeit is something done in business, it is not something you do to apparent customers. The Backers of this need to actually be made aware of what happened, if you know anyone who was a backer of the nearly 1/2 million dollars, let them know after last May they were forfeited on without a clause to do so. Just saying people's emails change is not a proper clause for a forfeit of goods. The sad part is people will look at this and say what did you expect? Especially people looking at this from the internet with a little interest in lding. Really, if someone could make this concept with proper placement on the MASTOID, it could work.

I am not shocked that they pulled a forfeit on everyone. They wasted backers time too long for your bank to do anything about it. But that said this is something businesses do, to other bossiness and it usually disputes over property's.


1. A punishment annexed by law to some illegal act or negligence in the owner of lands, tenements, or hereditaments, whereby he loses all his interest therein, and they go to the party Injured as a recompense for the wrong which heal one, or the public together with himself, have sustained. 2 Bl. Comm. 207. Wiseman v. Mcnulty, 25 Cal. 237.2. The loss of land by a tenant to his lord, as the consequence of some breach of fidelity."

Tell me where in this law intended for business it sates products paid for could be involved? See Iwinks is pretending you all are part of their "business" You were negligent of not noticing their kick-starter page update with like 36 views. haha that is some real real low-ball.