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    Thread: Take It Easy Tea & Bedtime Powder by Golden Lung tea

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      Take It Easy Tea & Bedtime Powder by Golden Lung tea

      I feel like I have to share the effectiveness of this tea I found. I use other supplemental techniques on a regular bases- I use a Binaural Beat combination and trigger noises such as crowds talking in the background and crickets chirping to bring me to a place I call the "Deepdown" which is basically an alternate world where everyone is in there teens to twenties, my parents are young, people aren't dead and everyone knows you and you know them. Its an extremely comforting place, I've considered that it may be like a Heaven or the place I will go when I die or something. I love this place. Anyway it was a place I immediately knew by its feeling but that I didn't visit often. I was having problems the past few years with lucidity, vividness and intent. I seem to have lost the road to LD's. I also lost my interest in exploring LD's and that probably stopped be from coming back often. It felt like I had already done everything which is completely not true. There was a local Herbaruim business that was selling their tea on the side of their other business and I was offered a sample of this dream tea. The effects were immediate- I hate to sound like an infomercial or something but that is the truth, the effects happened the same night I drank the tea. The effects were a sharp, controlled, vivid lucid dream that lasted several hours. I was not foggy, I was awake in my dream and I had excellent dream recall. I thought that was a very lucky placebo effect. I took it again a couple nights later and BAM! It was like it opened a gate or sometime. Same sharpness, detail, vivid colors, same length of dreaming, same quality over all. This dream had me talking to aspects of myself! I don't know what is exactly in this tea, I think the ingredients are listed of course, but I'm not kidding when I say I feel like this is a Shamanic grade herbal helper. I can share the link so people can look into what it is made of. I use it regularly. I buy it when its on sale - BOGO because it's not cheap but damn it is potent. I'm able to buy it in town because I know the people who made it and have finally moved it to Amazon along with other teas. Usually supplements work for a while and then they just stop. I have never had that problem with this tea. It's an insanely powerful and productive blend of plants. It works every time I drink it. I usually drink it on the weekends because I don't wan to go through it to fast, but I just got 4 of them so I am having a little bit of fun without the worry. Every time I drink my tea I go to the same place. And I am completely lucid and the dream quality is almost perfect. Last night I didn't use any binaural beats of trigger noises and I went there anyway. I thought others might like to know about it now that its on the market for the public too. Here is the link. https://www.amazon.com/Take-Easy-Tea...r=8-1-fkmrnull
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      Sounds intense. Could you list the ingredients?

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      mmmmhhhhh.....now I want some. Amazon has one review, is that you DeepEnd? And a pic with the ingredients....

      Valerian Root
      Magnolia Bark
      Aloe Vera
      Linden Flowers
      Fleece Flower Vine
      Hops Flowers
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      What is the side effects? Or any warnings that it may have? Sometimes, things can start out like it is working well but, if you take it too often you may have a reaction to it. Just how much research have you done before you started to consume it?
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