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      Silene Capensis question

      I tried some silene capensis at the beginning of the year. That was during a time when I had been having some success already with lucid dreaming, and was hoping the herb would enhance the experience. I found that silene capensis gave me different kinds of dreams than usual (different themes anyway) but it didn't seem to increase lucidity.

      Actually, during my experiment with silene capensis, my lucid dreaming seemed to decrease, and I'm still not sure that I'm back entirely to where I was. Then again, not long after this I got really busy with grad school and stopped putting as much effort into lucid dreaming which might have been responsible for this decrease.

      Now I'm kind of worried about trying it again. I have heard that it's effects can be permanent, and I would hate to accidentally lose my ability to lucid dream! Does this seem like a valid concern? Has anyone else experienced a decrease in lucidity with silene capensis?

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      Silene Capensis has for me been a booster of light in dreams, meaning that everything seems brighter than normal. This means higher vividness to me, but lucidity itself has not been affected much by it. Nonetheless, I consider Silene Capensis very valuable as a dream enhancer, because with it the experience is much more detailed, and connections between things become much clearer.

      The dream enhancing effects are supposed to become permanent after having used it for three months straight, but to the best of my knowledge there is no lucidity-diminishing effect from Silene Capensis. so I would not be afraid of that happening.

      My belief is that your loss of lucidity is due to a lowered intention to become lucid, as a consequence of your increased emphasis on grad scool activities. Also, many other factors may play a part. I am for example used to much less lucid dreaming during the summer months, because of the higher temperatures, and the increased sunlight during the night (my location is quite northerly).
      So ... is this the real universe, or is it just a preliminary study?

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