I have recently bought Vitamin B-complex pills which contain all B-vitamins.

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Each Pill contains:
Vit. B1 1,95mg
Vit. B2 1,95mg
Vit.B6 1,95mg
Vit.B12 5,10Microgram
Biotin 4,40Microgram
Panothenacid 12,2mg
Foliumacid 10Microgram
Nicotinamide 23,2mg
Choline bitart. 10,59mg
Inositol 22,10mg
I still have some 3mg Melatonin pills in my house and yesterday night I decided to take Melatonin and Vitamin B-complex while drinking a cup of Ginseng tea some 30 minutes before going to bed.

I had very intense dreams last night, remember 1 early night dream where I becaem VERY lightly lucid. Only got a clue, jumped up into the sky and hoovered there. I Knew I was dreaming, but then quickly lost consciouness again. One instant later that night in another dream, or maybe the same, I remember having trouble flying and thinking:'' aw cmon I'm lucid I can fly perfectly'' and I just did. The last dream, right before awakening in the morning, was about my ex girlfriend and us being back together in some weird house and me feeling very weird. I woke up with a Symbol in my Mind of a tiny hoovering Meditating man as I wanted to remember an intricate insight I got when I was very close near sleep. I failed to remember what it meant. The dreams were all so fresh in Mind, allthough I first had to sit and think of what I had just dreamt.

I think it did wonders for my DreamRecall and overall clearity in my Dreams: I did become lowly lucid once afterall. Maybe it also helped that I went to bed so early. Around 9/10 o' clock.

I'm gunna try the Melatonin + B-complex combo again tonight and see what it does with my dreams. Hopefully more of the same.

Is there anyone here who also owns Melatonin pills and B-complex pills? or other B-vitamin pills?
We could do shared experiments to check for the results' consistency.