late last week I started taking the following combination of supplements with my evening meal :

350mg Alpha GPC
350mg DMAE
310mg Choline

The results have been very interesting.

I had excellent recall Friday night and recorded 3 detailed dreams and fragments of others. I woke a couple of times so nothing really unusual here. If I record dreams immediately upon awaking then I have no recall issues - if I go back to sleep then I remember nothing or just a shadow fragement or two.

Saturday night I woke in the morning and realised I had not captured any dreams overnight. Normally this means they are "lost" - but suddenly everything flooded back in amazing detail - and the more I thought of each dream the more details flooded back. I ended up recording 2 very detailed long dreams and some solid fragments of two others.

This morning was the same - I woke and thought "crap - no dreams" but again everything flooded back - a huge dream involving a large number of DC's based on people I know at work, socially and people from my past plus a whole bunch of DC's I never met in RL. I also remembered in detail the middle of another. The odd thing was I also remembered that I had woken in the night after the vivid dream but decided to try DEILD to get back in.

So far, and not discounting the placebo effect, the results have been very impressive.

I have also noticed that I have not suffered any loss of recall since - I can still remember vividly all the dreams from the past weekend.

Any comments/thoughts on this combo? Any other good recall suplements/combos?