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      Making dreams come true takes effort when awake - ScrippsNews

      Making dreams come true takes effort when awake
      Some studies suggest that the best time to attempt a "lucid dream" is during a nap taken a few hours after getting up in the morning. Lucid dreaming can ...

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      I think it is very cool how much inception has people interested in lucid dreaming.
      LD Goals: [x]=succeed [-]=working on or almost
      sex[x] flying[x] meeting Justin Bieber[-] go to space[x] hallucinate[-] be an air bender with Aang[ ] become a transformer and be able to instantly change into an autobot[ ] fly to the moon[x] fight master chief[ ] Be an animal going to a people zoo[ ] Go to a theater in the 1920's and watch the premiere of a silent Charlie Chaplin film[ ] Meet Albert Hoffman and consume a huge dose of LSD with him[ ] Be rolling while DJing massive rave[-]

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