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      Ever lucid dreamed an ocean with a sea floor made of bricks? Other strange places?

      Hi everyone,
      I had this lucid dream a few years ago:

      I was staring out across a vast ocean- it was a fine day and the water was completely calm. Then I realised it was totally translucent and the ocean floor was made of bricks- the water was only about 2.5m deep. I realised I was dreaming! Also the bricks were layed out in pyramids, without the tops. Each pyramid stuck out of the water and formed a flat platform about 1m sq. They were arranged 20m apart as far as I could see. I think I may have been standing on a larger platform made of bricks. It was so vivid- I was completely alone there and astonished at how objectively real it felt.

      I found this site the other day and wondered whether this might be a place outside of my own dreamscape and someone else may have seen it. Maybe it's yet another weird product of the unconscious.

      Anyone else had any experiences with settings that confound expectations? Strange places?

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      maybe ill go there tonight, my dreamscapes arent usually as crazy as that. mine are usually on cliffs, mountains or on wide plains.
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      Yeah, mine aren't either- that's why it stuck in my head for so long.
      Maybe I'll see you back there haha.

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