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      1st Lucid Dream with 4 after it.

      I have been doing exercises for a while and it finally paid off last night. As i was coming out of a normal dream in my REM cycle i began to feel my pillow and knew i was waking up as the dream faded. I kept my eyes closed and completely still so that i would DEILD which was successful after about 50 seconds. The first one didn't work whatsoever and i woke up almost instantly after my reality check. The second one i reality checked and lasted a tad bit longer where i jumped off a building but the dream faded as i went through the ground. The third one lasted a while, i started off in my friends house and since i had been excited for 4/20 for a while we were smoking some pot and hanging out, a girl took me to a bedroom where we began to have sex but i woke up during that (bummer :/) the fourth one I again woke up almost instantly, but the 5th one was extremely clear and intense. It lasted what felt like a few hours and I was at my old highschool in Washington (I live in British Colombia now) the dream started off with me in my math class and since the school had a major drug problem we had drug dogs come into the class room. I opened my bag to see that there were ridiculous amounts of drugs but i knew it was a dream so i stayed calm until the dog came up and freaked out at my bag. The cops tried to arrest me but i snagged a gun and ran and jumped out the window. I landed on the ground and landed in a car. I had a car chase for awhile and eventually crashed and had a shootout, since i knew it was a dream it was almost like playing a really intense game of paintball.

      Overall, it was a pretty crazy experience and i can only hope that i have one again tonight

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      what have you been doing specifically?
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