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      OLOS! Let the people rejoice!

      My ninety-fourth recalled dream since May 31st has finally brought the onset of my first lucid dream (in DILD form)!

      So I'm at work (I work at a grocery store, doing customer service and so on at the front end) and manning the self checkout tills. We're bringing in the money for the night, and after we take in the first two (of four), my supervisor, Tracy, goes to get more bags for the money. It is then that one of my friends from work, Bobby, wants to buy a snack from one of the machines. He says he'll use debit (which he can, even after the money is taken out), but I tell him they're all closed now. Moments later, there is a massive rush of people suddenly at the tills, even managing to ring through orders on ones that have been closed already.

      I go up to one particular till, as a customer is using it, and tell him it is closed, and begin to cancel his order. Bobby is still bothering me about his snack, and Tracy still hasn't returned. The customer is begging me to stop, and once I finish cancelling it, I yell at him, "THESE ARE CLOSED!"

      As I turn to go take care of another till, I asked myself why I yelled at him, as I would never do that. Then, as I looked around, things seemed a bit odd (the ceiling was dark, and there were no other employees at their stations), and my eyes widened as I asked myself if I was dreaming. After all, I don't have work for another three days. Immediately, the people around me vanished and the dream began to fade. I tried to spin, but had no success at prolonging the dream further. I think my conscious might have freaked out and tried to wake me intentionally. (Damnit.)

      I woke up and, after a few seconds of a deathly sleep paralysis, reached for my dream journal, but instead grabbed an identical book that was filled with pictures of Smurfs. I paged through and through, and found nothing blank, so I reached for another book (with a red cover, instead of blue, but otherwise identical), that was filled with story ideas. I pushed aside the set of headphones on my nightstand (that would ordinarily be on my desk) and grabbed my dream journal, then...

      Woke up in the REAL world. Wrote down that dream as well as the three that preceded it in the night, then continued on.

      So there it is, the account of my first lucid dream; I had previously considered a couple dreams to be lucid, but now that I think about them, they weren't anything like this (they were simply things like... "this seems odd" -> wake up).
      {X} Stay asleep after becoming lucid - {X} Climb a ladder that isn't there - { } Create a skyscraper hotel to explore - { } Create and destroy an entire city

      Started on May 31, 2011
      Dreams recalled: 152
      Fully lucid dreams: 6

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      Congratulations on having your first lucid dream. This is a big step into the lucid dreaming world. Keep practicing and you will be lucid dreaming on a regular basis.

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