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    Thread: a WILD inside a semi-lucid dream (dream inside a dream)

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      Thumbs up a WILD inside a semi-lucid dream (dream inside a dream)

      So, i was attempting to WILD as usual, and long story short, I accidentally fell asleep, and within the dream, it was semi-lucid, I wasn't aware i was dreaming, but i was controlling it, I went to sleep in it, but instead in my bed, i put some sheets and my pillow on the floor and attempted to WILD, after seconds, i started getting hypnagogic hallucinations, and starting seeing random images, then BAM, i was straight into a LD

      I was really amazed, then did the finger into hand RC, it didn't work and my finger didn't pass, I was surprised, then looked at my fingers to just see anything, and my index finger starting expanding a little, then did the Nose plugging RC, it worked and i could breath, i looked around, all things around me were just getting bigger and smaller, and stretching and shrinking, tried to stabilize it by hand rubbing, but it didn't work, and i woke up shortly into real-life
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      Awesome; I've done something similar to that before!

      One thing to note is that dream control and lucidity are entirely different things. You can be non-lucid but have great control (whenever you're in a different location, running fast, etc), but you can also be lucid and have little to no control. In other words, just because you could control the first dream, it doesn't mean it was a lucid, especially given that you weren't aware. But, the fact that you attempted a WILD definitely means that your mind is on lucid dreaming. I've attempted WILDs in non-lucids and entered an LD, too!

      You were definitely lucid in the second dream, though! It's a really weird sensation when you can breathe through your nose, even if it's plugged. Sometimes dreams end even if we use proper stabilization techniques; you might have just been at the end of your REM cycle. Thinking about one's physical body is also a common cause of destabilization.

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      I think I had something similar happen to me recently. I was entering a WILD and I was sort of feeling my real body (my fingers touching the bed) but when I woke up from my dream my body was positioned completely different from what I was feeling. This leads me to believe that I may have been entering the WILD from inside another dream? Or possibly my perception was off because I was WILDing?

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      Who Knows, you could still be in that dream earlier right now. lol
      I think almost the exact same thing happened to me.

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