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      Wink Lucid and WILD dream. Kinda scared me

      Part Three Lucid dream:

      I woke up and used the bath room then went back to bed: I laid with my eyes close laid still did not move then it happened. I was in my own bed and it was dark, like I could not see. I herd a guy say that he was going to kill me and it was going to be with a ice pick that I could not see. I felt him pushing the pillow on my face like he was going to stab me, I then it's like the lights came on and I woke and the room was bright and I had the guys arm and was holding him up. Now this felt like my room and I was on my side of the bed but the room was very neat and there was a small table to my left that I don’t have and I just moved in this house and my wife had clothing to donate by the closets. It looked more like a hotel room, I them floated or flew the guy up on the wall. I Then did a did a RC with my nose and I could breath I then knew it was a dream. I then said" I am going to kick your ass". I threw him into the small table that was on the side and them said to my self “teleport”. i did not go anywhere. So I was going to go through a door that is my bath room like going into another demintion. The door was black I grabed for it to go through it and then I woke up, and grabed my wifes arm cause I was scared a bit from the dream.

      This kinda scared me a bit and I stayed up for about 30 mins cause i was a little scared to sleep and then I went to sleep and dreamed again. It was so nice to some what take control. I cant wait to do it again.

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      Nice! I like the way you destroyed the attacker and the offending, out of place, table in one move.

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      Thanks I noticed that the table that was on my side of the bed was not there in RL. Also my room is not that bright ever, and there are clothing on the floor right now. I knew it was not real. I am just suprised my wife did not wake up when i grabed her arm LOL

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