Lucid dream:

I met my dreamguide(I think) for the first time today. I always wondered what he/she would look like. And you know what? He was a clone of me. :O

So, I asked him a question: What can I change about myself? He just smiled at me and didn't reply anything. A moment later, the bookshelf from my room appeared. I know for sure because I saw one of the bright blue textbooks in it.

Anyone have any idea about this? What could he possibly mean by this ? Btw, I don't read books much, I read ebooks and online articles.

Then I asked him to let me have lucid dreams more often. Again, he just smiled at me without saying anything. (wtf...)

Oh.. I've being thinking about asking those questions for months , so I asked them in dream on auto-pilot almost. It's good idea to think about them ahead of time to decrease chances of forgetting when the moment arises to ask them.

After that I woke up. Looking at my bookshelf, thinking about it. I stood up from bed, and looked at my body. I had words written all over me. Can't remember any of them, but I remember it was something about the dream I just had. Looking at one of them made me have a flashback, like what I sometimes have in real life only the image looked crystal-clear. It was a store/company sign written vertically and in complete gibberish. Even after all this I didn't realize that I was dreaming. And then I think I woke up for real, but went to sleep again. This time I was at my old apartment and as I was walking some random dude appeared out of nowhere and scared the shit out of me. Guess who the random guy was.... it was me(my clone) again...