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      My Epic Dream - Must Read

      My Sister and I were running in town, it was near a beach i believe, I stopped and was confronted by a black man who looked like Mike Tyson but taller and younger

      Dream Scene Switches To Black Mans House

      I remember looking out the window on the top floor of the house feeling sad because the black man would not let me and my sister go, i went to a room and was looking out the window on the left side was another room and the black man had transformed into Rick Ross, he was wearing black shades and had no shirt on, he was running on the treadmill

      I looked out the window and saw a school and a football field both packed with 300+ people believe it or not! Then i thought, I can escape and i teleported to the football field somehow and i don't remember what happened to my sister

      Some person i know IRL threw the football at me though i threw it back, i faintly remember him telling me, "you don't have to throw the football at me", I shrugged and he threw it back to me, i proceeded to run down to the touchdown line, then i passed the ball back to him and he got a touch down

      Dream Scene Switches

      4 Houses with open space in the middle, people that i went to summer school with were there and we were celebrating because someone i don't remember made a remix for Wiz Khalifa, lol? I remember hearing "John" By Lil Wayne And Rick Ross ( been listening to that song lately) Everyone proceeded to go home and we J - Walked to the other side and there was Mcdonald but it was not a building ( don't know how to explain) I was going past Mcdonalds and then i saw my friend and said "Whats Up" and did a handshake

      Dream Scene Switches

      I am at my school with my friends and were going outside the door. I said to my friend, "Why are we going out through this door", he replied " because your here". When we arrived outside we were at the field and behind it were houses and cars going by. Everyone was outside and standing ( don't know why), Some kid I know from school starts kicking these huge balls and we kept dodging them, soon one hit me and I fell to the ground and i faintly remember actually feeling and the ground in my dream and the feeling of opening my mouth, my friends came to help.

      Dream Scene Switches

      In this dream no dream character is aware i am around, its like im a ghost, 2 black people on bikes were fighting and they decided to fight, so they started to ride there bikes and i followed, we were riding our bikes to a 4 way intersection which is 5 minutes away from my house, then this random girl spawns and says, " dont fight" lol...All of a sudden the dream turns away from the black guy and i was watching this stroller cross the road when they fell and a bus almost hit them, and someone in my dream was narrating of how they almost got hit, lol...

      There is another one after this but i want to keep it private

      I Woke Up

      This dream happened last night and i was not lucid

      I have very good dream memories and i do not need a journal

      I remember about 25+ dream from 1 - 10 years ago with crystal detail, All the very vivid ones

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      you should of kick mike tyson ass

      IT'S A POOR SORT OF MEMORY THAT ONLY WORKS BACKWARDS_Lewis Carroll,Alice in Wonderland

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