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      My First Lucid Dream

      Hello everyone, I just joined a few minutes ago so that I may post this. Last night I had my first lucid dream. For months I was interested in Lucid Dreaming and tried so hard to do so, but I couldn't keep up with the dream journals and I was not committed. So I forgot about them this whole summer. But I awoke this morning around 8 to go to the bathroom and then went back to bed I then had my lucid dream without trying. Here it goes...

      I remember having some sort of dream that I wasn't in control of before and then I was randomly in my bathroom. I looked in the mirror and my face was distorted and was still forming. I then remember reading that when in a dream don't look in mirrors because what you find might not be so friendly. But I noticed I was dreaming and then made my face go back to normal.

      At this point I will let you know that I was skeptical before about lucid dreaming being exactly like real life. When I was aware of a dream I would be in 3rd person (sort of) but that was it, but last night everything was clear. I looked in the mirror to see a mark of hair on my eyebrows which I accidentally snipped off the other day still snipped off. And therefore knew that my subconsciousness memorized that. I then had a short hair cut a few months ago and for some reason had it now and I thought to test my skills. I took my hands and held them in front of me and made a pulling motion and as I looked in the mirror I saw my hair grow and then I put it back.

      Okay please don't judge me at this part, when I dream for some reason they are about sex and as for me being a boy and having alone time I wanted to have a girl. So I thought of an old crush but she wouldn't appear so I closed my eyes and thought but then I saw her on the other side of the mirror on the door. She stepped forward as I did but she couldn't get through the glass of the mirror. Then I guess I was becoming less lucid and thought about mermaids and how to summon one. Half lucid, I decided to look behind the shower curtain and inside the tub was nothing and on the shampoo shelf there was nothing which is unlike my usual shower, but I did find a small tube of pink gel in the corner. I picked it up and it said something about not to share this with anyone else in the dream and something about being careful about sharks. I became fully lucid again and I think I discarded the tube because I remember one thing on my mind...

      I want to see my Dream Guardian/Guide. So I closed my eyes and thought and thought until I was at my middle school. I looked around and I saw a man about in his 60s with short, curly, grey hair, wearing a plaid shirt and a pair of tan pants. I did not recognize him but I think I knew he was my guide. I walked with him and there were many other men on my campus as if it was their office but this was like a recreational area for them to sit or play and socialize. He walked an said hi to these guys sitting a a table. One guy I recognized at the table was Tim Meadows (An actor I saw in the Evens Stevens Movie a long time ago whom I just had to look up.) But I remember them calling him Mike. I talked to the dream guide but I don't remember what we discussed. I do remember asking his name several times but he ignored me but I think I remember him or someone else calling him MSD. I don't have any idea who MSD is or what it may possibly stand for.

      I remember having girls on my mind again and so I asked my guide how to materialize them but he seemed not to be good with the ladies so I asked Mike but I can't remember what he said. I just remember seeing a girl my age next to us and I asked how to teleport and they said just try. They said think of Twilight for some reason but I didn't know why because no one in Twilight teleports. So I thought of a different book series and my favorite one popped into my head "Harry Potter". When I was going to announce it the girl looked at me and said "When I teleport I think of Harry Potter". So like I learned in the book I took a deep breath, grabbed her hand, closed my eyes, and turned on my heels and then we teleported to a room somewhere. I don't need to explain what happened when we were in the room but with my powers I could make 'things' grow.

      This is actually very personal for me and I don't let many people see that part but I think I can trust people on here not to judge me and will give me tips and techniques on how to induce a lucid dream and what to do when I am in one again. Thank you.

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      Welcome to Dreamviews!
      Congratulations on your lucid dream. Its thrilling, isn't it?
      I personally am surprised that you stayed lucid and didn't wake up; most people wake up instantly after the first time they realize they are dreaming.
      If you keep at it, you can always control your dreams, and now that you have motivation, it will help alot!
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      Congratulations on your first lucid dream deigona!
      You seem to have tried a lot of things in your first lucid. I hope you will be able to keep it up in your next lucids! It's going to be amazing.
      Quote Originally Posted by deigona View Post
      ...but with my powers I could make 'things' grow.
      "omg this girl is hawt! grow... grow... grow..."
      Btw this could become your personal RC. Trying to overgrow "things" to check reality... lol
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      Thank you very much for reading

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