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      Amazing double dream experience.

      I've been a lurker so far since I haven't felt like I had anything worth contributing. That is, until this remarkable experience came to me just this morning.

      -The dream starts non-lucid with me A,B and C in a car driving. I decide to sleep for the ride

      -I dream of being at my old school when I see C and another friend I become lucid! (Not going to describe everything I did while lucid since this was the longest DJ entry yet-3 pages)

      -"Wake up" in the car (Not Lucid anymore), feeling the seats, hearing A,B and C talking and feeling the propulsion of the moving car. Keeping my eyes closed I try to re-enter the dream (Had previous experience with DEILD before)

      -After a "DEILD" I am back at my old school and lucid

      -"Wake up" again in the car (Non lucid), decide for one more lucid

      -"DEILD" back to the school

      -"Wake up" then somehow get back to one more lucid at the school without trying DEILD

      -"Wake up" for the last time in the car. Every "wake up" was in the car with A,B and C with one exception where C became D. I explain to C how I was actually entering and re-entering lucid dreams while he must have thought I was just sleeping. The non-lucid dream continues a bit until i really wake up

      The moment i realize I am now fully awake I marvel at the realness of it all. Four small Lucids mixed into a dream that i kept having false awakenings in. I immediately wrote it down in my DJ and decided to share it here.

      If anyone has any comments, questions or insight onto the situation please reply.

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      Wow, that's really interesting, thanks for sharing that with us!

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