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      I can't really say I've had my "first" lucid dream. It's actually my second. It seems like my first though. Probably because it's my first DILD.

      I'll spare you guys all the details and slather my dream journal with those instead. But here was the main line of events.

      I was on a playground with some girls I know from school and as I climbed out on one of the pipe things leading to the ground, I thought to myself, "Wait, I'm dreaming! I need to get off this in a cool way!" I still wasn't REALLY lucid. I had acknowledged I was dreaming and didn't consider much about it. I just kind of accepted it and continued.

      I began to ask one of the girls, Racheal, if she could tell me a cool way to jump off. She ignored me. I called her name once more as I climbed the pipe to the top.

      Suddenly, it really dawned on me.

      I looked out over the horizon and thought to myself about Puffin's guide. I stopped moving. But I didn't reality check. Mistake number 1.

      I just stopped dead and kept looking around and taking in all that I could see. I was impressed that I was fully aware and alive and I was so amazed. I thought, "I just can't wake up." We all know what happened then. Mistake number 2.

      My eyes changed view to the side of my wall. I got up and jotted in my dream journal and got up altogether. My Dad told me it had snowed and he bought Christmas presents. Right as he told me this I considered how strange this was for September.

      Then I woke up REALLY. That time I reality checked to make sure.

      It was still an amazing thing and an amazing development. It made me very happy.
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      Haha, when I DILD I don't need to reality check either.
      Well done!


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