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    Thread: I just kissed my dream guide!?

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      I just kissed my dream guide!?

      So I was in this prison, I sat with all the other convicts around some tables. Then I started thinking: what have I done to deserve this? and I came up with nothing, and whoah, I started thinking it was a dream. I checked my hands, both sides, and both of them had stubby fingers, like 1 cm long only.

      So I thought: yay lucid! Then I got up, and thought I should explore a bit of this prison. So I went out of the main cell block and went up the stairs, no one even looking at me, like they would if the people in a dream sees me do something out of the ordinary. I didnt think of that at the time, but then this cute girl came running after me, while I was in the middle of the stairs, never seen her before in my waking life. (well, probably don't remember that I've seen her) so I asked her something, I don't remember what it was, but then she jumped to the top of the stairs saying she had seen me before and complimenting me on my "rock hard abs" those were her words, also not spoken in my native language, she spoke to me in english. then I asked her something and she giggled, then she leaned in on me and started making out with me. And boy did it feel real. the tounge, she also licked me on my cheeks and stuff, and it felt so wet, so real. now, my dream changed and I went non-lucid again I think.

      The reason that I think she was my dream guide is because she was not one of the other convicts, she had the same hair as the girl I have seen be my dream guide before, all though a lot younger. It looked as if I was gonna follow her, since she went before me before we kissed. Anyway, it was a quite bizarre lucid dream.

      but wasn't it kinda awesome though?

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      Hahahaha noice, congrats! X)
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      Maybe it's a dream and if I scream, it will burst at the seams.

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