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    Thread: Talking to God?

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      Talking to God?

      Hi, I'm new to this site. I had a dream on November, and it was about talking to God. I couldn't interpret it however. I'd like to know your ideas and similar experiences. thanks!

      I become lucid at home on my bed, i have a hard time getting out of my body, after i try to stand up, I stumble a bit. I decide now, ok I want to see the future, everything is still dark but i know im in my room. I stand facing the window, and a scene starts to appear. I see the old tree as I see everyday from my window. But it is snowing, and I think, ok it's winter (when I was dreaming, it was Fall). I get out of the window and fly and reach the ground. And i see nobody, I think OK! it's future, but there is nothing to see. Maybe nothing interesting will happen in the winter? I close my eyes again and I see the same tree, but the weaather is fine now. I think it's spring or it can be summer. But again nothing is to see. The yard is empty. I find my self standing in our alley near our block. I see three men. I think that one of them is my future, one enters the door, I cant see him anymore, and I see an ordinary man, moving the garbage in his hand, I say, this cant be me, I see the last man entering a limo, he wears a white suit, the limo passes me by, and I see his face, it's me the same face and age that I am, only my hair has gone gray. I see the other man, his face is different. I lie down in our yard, It's almost the twilight, I can see the stars, I talk to God: God, why don't u let me talk to you? Why don't u let me see u? And I hear my own voice, but its coming from the heaven, as I see the stars revolve: "Snake (it's an alias I call myself when I talk to myself sometimes), did u know that some stars, rotate in an opposite direction than the others? don't let anyone tell u anything different." as I notice different constellations, and suddenly one of them is so familiar, and I think hey, this one looks so familiar, maybe I know this one. maybe it has a meaning, I see it moving in a different direction, and it looks brighter than the others. I become excited/scared and I want to wake up, the stars start to rotate faster, and faster. It's like I've gotten a vertigo. I become scared and I false awaken.

      P.S. As a fact, planets actually move in a different direction than the stars, and it's one way of distinguishing them. (I didn't know it by the time I had this dream)

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      don't take the info you get from lucid dreams too seriously. i know the first few times the experience seems like it could be the most important thing in your life but keep doing some experiments and communicating with your subconscious, you'll see how random and completely unimportant it can be too. if you don't stay grounded while practicing lucid dreaming you could easily be on your way to the psyche ward. keep an open mind for sure but don't take every experience as some revelation from god cause it's not.

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      As Runeworld said, bear in mind that a dream is just random neurons firing off in your brain, giving you the spectacular images that you see. Any meaning that the dream holds is anchored only by you. It's incredibly personal, and I don't think a dream holds any meaning unless you give it one. I think this is one of those scenarios where you just had a mad dream, nothing more, nothing less. And congratulations on the lucid

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