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    Thread: Darn phone

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      Darn phone

      So I'm walking along in a rural setting with a bunch of other people and I went lucid, pretty high level as well. I looked at the DC next to me, who up until that moment I didn't know was a DC, and I told him that I was dreaming all of this and that I could do whatever I wanted. He said to me, "That's kind of neat, can you fly?" I proceeded to fly a few feet into the air until the cat walked on the keyboard. Well, the cat part just happened, so disregard that. Anyway, I hadn't thought about any goals or anything before I went to sleep, so I just stayed in that dream world and told the DC that since I could do anything, he should tell me what he wanted me to do. He was telling me to move things with my mind and fly around. Then the phone by my bed rang and took me straight out of the dream. I'd say I was lucid maybe 30 seconds and since it was only 2:00 am, I was likely to stay in that dream for a while if I hadn't been awaken. Stupid phone.

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      That's why it's a good idea to disable anything that can potentially interrupt lucid.
      Also that part about can, so random.

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      Is there a setting that you can disable notifications from people trying to call you? Try and see if there is that option on your phone.

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