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      Very Cool/Weird Lucid Dream Experience

      I had a very cool/wierd experience last night. The dream started out with me at a friends house, and something odd happened (can't really remember what) which prompted me to do a reality check. Realizing I was dreaming, I decided to try out some stuff I'd heard about. I tried reading (wierdly enough, the first time I read the paper the words seemed to make sense, but then I read them again and saw that they were different). I then decided (not sure why) to watch orange marbles fall down a life sized chute. Suddenly, I "woke up", (however I was still in their house), and was still dreaming, though I thought I'd woken up. I remembered the lucid dream and went "back to sleep". Back in the lucid dream, I did more stuff (which I can't remember) and then woke up.

      That was quite an experience. It's cool, because I've been thinking about lucid dreams a lot, and instead of having one (well, technically I did, but you get the point) I dreamt that I fell asleep and had one. What's also rather cool is that in my lucid portion of the dream, I read something and it seemed to make sense. Everything I've learned here seemed to incorporate itself into a dream, and in that dream I had a lucid dream.

      Any possible explanations? Has this happened to anyone? I did a brief attempt at MILD right before I went to sleep, could that have contributed?

      Thanks for reading.

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      Congrats on lucid!
      There are no true 'dreams inside dreams' but scene changes in dreams can simulate it. Sometimes we 'wake up' in dream and start doing whatever we are doing when waking up, it's called false awakening and those experiences can be indeed quite weird sometimes. False awakenings are also actually rather common for some people(I have them almost all the time) and in lucid they sometimes can be caused by thinking about waking up or about bed. If you have false awakenings, do reality check every time you wake up, they can be turned lucid.
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