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      Met a girl in dream that I've never met irl

      Hello everyone, so you know a little bit more about me I'm 21, male, have an average life (work, school, home, repeat lol). But I'm here today to discuss a dream I had in which I met a girl I've never met before in my life. It started off weird bc there was no start point...It's like it jumped right in the middle of the dream...I was sitting down in a seat on a bus with my arm around this girl who found to be very attractive. Apparently we had talked before this because I leaned in and kissed her. I felt in love and happy...but shortly after the kiss she began falling/fading into darkness beneath me. I was in tears (I know...weird). But as the dream continued I met her father and asked him why she left me and he told me she had met someone else and that there was just something about me she didn't like. So she left me. Then the dream went into some weird adventure and I never came back to that part of the dream again. I woke and now I feel crushed and still very much in love with this girl who I've never met. It's confusing and hard to sort out. I shouldn't feel this way because its something I should be able to separate between reality and the dream. Was just wondering if anyone could help me out with this one. Need some insight. Thanks!

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      Yo and welcome to dreamviews.
      Was this dream lucid dream? Asking because you didn't mentioned it, dream is lucid when dreamer is aware that (s)he's dreaming. As for feeling, sometimes feelings in dreams can be pretty strong, maybe you could try summoning her next lucid dream and asking her about it.
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      Usually DreamCharacters (DCs for short) are just random projections of people we have seen in our waking life without paying anymore attention to them. I don't know about the "love" you're talking about, but maybe your subconsciousness was trying to send you a message trough dream like this. Example maybe it tried to say "Learn to let go and move on." Try to think about if there is something in your life currently that you're trying to keep hold of even thought you know it's going to slip away anyway.

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