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      Second Lucid Dream and goals

      First of all, I didn't wake up from my non lucid, but rather it changed to a familiar scene as the previous one, and I thought I had a false awakening if I remember correctly. I thought to myself something like "Why didn't you go lucid from that, its the same as this scene" or something like that, I can't remember. The word lucid reminded me to do a reality check. I tried to push my finger through my palm but I couldn't, so I looked, and my hands had extra fingers. I realized I was dreaming, and I was excited to have a proper lucid dream, my previous one only got me aware, but I didn't do anything in it. I went outside and put my hands in front of me and flew like superman. Next, I tried to summon this girl that I have a crush on and I said her name, but I only summoned a random girl. Good enough. I'll get it right next time. Next I tried to shoot fire out of my hands but I couldn't, so I started basic. I put my hands put in front of me and started to form a fireball. People around me didn't think I had "powers" or anything, they just thought I was doing some sort of trick. After I "turned off" the fire, I walked up to a group of guys. They were talking about like Abraham Lincoln, and me having to summon him I think, so I was like "Abe Lincoln? Oh yeah" And summoned him. They were quite surprised, so I looked around and saw an uncle Sam poster and summoned him too. I don't know why. Two men walked out dressed as him. I was pretty satisfied with this for my second lucid dream and I woke up, then quickly typed it in my dream journal on my phone, then I emailed it to myself so I could post this thread So yeah I'm happy with this, tips for summoning specific people?
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      Congrats on lucid!
      That's some good dream control, and if you experience false awakenings, do reality check every time you wake up/get up from bed. As for summoning specific people, you can try visualizing who you expect to appear, or be in the place where you would expect him/her to appear better, or find items/situations that help to rise expectation, like you did with Lincoln and Sam, there are many ways to experiment with so keep practicing and good luck.
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