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    Thread: My latest lucid dream

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      My latest lucid dream

      Hey everyone this is my first post here, so apologies if this is in the incorrect section. But I think I'm in the right spot! I've been practicing lucid dreaming and meditation for about four or five months now, and keep improving and getting better at it. For awhile I was having some very haunting experiences when lucid dreaming. They stopped for awhile, and the dreams have been "normal" for the most part. Well last night I had the most unbelievable and heart wrenching lucid dream. It was so daunting that I have been thinking about it in shock all day, and need to share it with others (hence why I'm here). Anyway onto the dream, note I'm still trying to recall the beginning. But I started off in what appeared to be just a solid concrete building, it was multiple stories, and was plain and dull; no furniture, nothing on the walls, just concrete. I was following a woman who I had the sense was a very powerful political leader. As I followed her she went into another room where other individuals of her status were in. I had the notion and was convinced this was the bilderburg group during my dream. When I approached the doorway to the other room I was stopped by a military personnel who gave me a box. In this box was a syringe and two small vials. One vial was blue while the other was red. I then got the feeling of darkness and destruction. From there the walls and the floors started to melt and burn. My body started to warm up, it got to the point where the heat was Unbearable, it felt like I was standing in front of a fire. I then somehow realized the importance of the items in the box. The blue vial was to cool my body down, while the red would keep me alive. Once I would take both substances the burning feeling would go away momentarily. The burning sensation would come back a few minutes later where I would again have to take the two substances again. The building I was in was Deteriorating more and more. All the concrete walls burned down while the floors were Smoldering away, Beneath was a firey pit. Ahead there was a room that had a wide door that was Illuminating light from under and around it. I felt compelled to it, for some reason I had the feeling it was a library or book collection of sorts. So While still taking In the substances given to me I had reached the door. Inside were my grandparents, both whom were not only happy to see me but were completely normal and were extremely Enthusiastic of what was going on. There was a big window in the room, and as I gazed out I was horrified of what I was seeing. Buildings where burnt down and the remaining structures were all black. Fire was everywhere, the sky was red and black, and the sense of death lingered in the air. My grandparents were still calm and Ecstatic to see me. They were telling me that there was nothing to be afraid of that the time has come, that god was returning and that we would be with him in peace soon (my grandparents are very religious). I then looked down on the desk and saw photos of what I sensed were the government deploying bombs on the citizens, setting up concentration camp, and pictures of absolute totaltarism. I was then sitting down, and was running out of the "medicine" and I said, "grandpa I'm not going to make it without these." He replied, "it's ok just let it go." I then started to feel real heavy and fell out of the chair. My limbs went dead, and my breathing was beginning to become slow and shallow, I was dying at the feet of my grandpa. The burning sensation was increasing, tears were rolling down my face, and I tried to reach for him but couldn't. I then was able to mutter out to my grandpa "I love you." He looked down at me smiling and said "it will all be ok." I then stopped breathing and everything went white for a moment, and then I awoken crying, and trembling.

      This was the scariest experience that I've ever had, and its been on my mind the whole day. Just had to write it down to vent I guess. If anyone wants to give their opinion on it I'd be more than happy to hear it. If not i hope you found it as interesting and scary as I did lol.
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      Ohhhh lord. First off, welcome to the forums, I hope you have a good time while you're here! There's a separate thread for introductions, but I'd think this post was in the right place, for the most part. Thank GOD that dreams are just in our heads, that does sound horrifying. You'll get over it by some point, but just try to work through it in the meantime, it'll get better. With that said, though, you never mentioned a point where you realized you were dreaming. I wouldn't be surprised either way, but there's a difference between lucid dreams and incredibly vivid dreams. Again, you likely forgot to mention when you knew it was a dream, but I digress. Good luck with having more positive dreams, hon! ^u^

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